If you are a business owner in Nigeria, you know how important it is to accept payments from your customers in a fast, convenient, and secure way. That's why you need a POS machine that can help you process card payments, transfers, USSD payments, and more.


But not all POS machines are created equal. Some are expensive, unreliable, or hard to use. That's why you should consider getting a Kuda POS machine for your business.


Kuda is a digital bank that offers a range of products and services for businesses, including POS machines. In this blog post, we will tell you everything you need to know about Kuda POS machine: price, benefits, and how to apply.


What is Kuda POS Machine?


Kuda POS machine is a smart device that allows you to accept payments from your customers using their cards, bank accounts, or mobile phones. It is connected to the Kuda Business app, where you can see all your transactions in real-time, manage your inventory, generate reports, and access other features.


Kuda offers two types of POS machines: the physical POS machine and the softPOS feature.


The physical POS machine is a handheld device that has a card reader, a printer, and a touchscreen. It can work offline and online, and it has a long battery life. You can use it to accept payments from Visa, Mastercard, Verve, and AMEX cards.


The softPOS feature is a mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) solution that allows you to use your smartphone as a POS machine. All you need is the Kuda Business app and an internet connection. You can use it to accept payments from Pay with Kuda, QR codes, USSD codes, and cards.


How Much Does Kuda POS Machine Cost?


One of the best things about Kuda POS machine is that it is very affordable. You can get the physical POS machine for as low as N25,000 or pay in installments of N2,500 per month for 12 months. You can also get the softPOS feature for free if you have the Kuda Business app.


What are the Benefits of Kuda POS Machine?


Kuda POS machine has many benefits for your business, such as:


- It is easy to use and set up. You don't need any technical skills or training to use it.

- It is reliable and secure. It uses encryption and biometric verification to protect your transactions and data.

- It is fast and convenient. It can process payments in seconds and print receipts for your customers.

- It is flexible and versatile. It can accept multiple payment methods and currencies.

- It is integrated with the Kuda Business app. You can access all your business features and tools from one place.

- It has low charges and fees. You only pay 0.5% per transaction for card payments and 0% for other payment methods.


How to Apply for Kuda POS Machine?


Applying for Kuda POS machine is very easy. Just follow these steps:


- Download the Kuda Business app from Google Play or App Store.

- Sign up with your phone number and business information.

- Request to become an agent by filling out an online form.

- Once your application is approved, you can order your physical POS machine or activate your softPOS feature.

- Start accepting payments from your customers.




Kuda POS machine is a great way to boost your business payments in Nigeria. It is affordable, reliable, secure, fast, convenient, flexible, and integrated with the Kuda Business app. You can apply for it online and start using it in no time.