Hi there folks,

Been a while I last posted on my blog, been a little busy these last few months with some other online ventures.

I have been asked severally by my teeming fans if I'm into fixed matches and how they can get a piece of the action.
The truth is that fixed matches DO EXIST but only to highly organized cartel of players. Those who are into this type of betting are very highly placed individuals ranging from drug lords, mafia bosses to influential politicians.
What are fixed matches?
They are matches which are manipulated to favor a set of people  usually the cartel involved. The players of both teams ,their managers ,and even club owners will have to be involved for the fixing to take place..

Often times the fixing is so concealed that a passerby will never even spot such a practise is on, only those involved will be aware.
A lot of money is involved probably in the hundreds of thousand or even millions as betting stakes.
A particular team will be arranged to lose by  a particular margin or scoreline or even other type of bet markets will be involved as well. 
It has been rumoured that the lower leagues of many countries are usually involved in this fixing practice due to the fact that there is not much live coverage of such games unlike the first division teams which have a very big and wide coverage by the press and mass media.
Now how does this match fixing or fixed matches involve us?
Frankly ,you and I can never get access to these kind of games and that is a sad fact, there are hundreds of fixed match websites promising the best of odds etc but you need to pay maybe $200 for access to have odds of maybe 900 odds etc... The truth is no cartel involved in this will ever post its fixed games on a website that can be accessed by anyone and everywhere as match fixing is illegal and can even land one in a court if found guilty.
Don't allow anyone to trick you into purchasing these fake games, its better you stay away.
Why don't you instead settle down and master a few bet markets that will help you win at least 80%of your bets rather spending your hard earned cash on some fictitious games.