Maybe you have heard of the super Console and wondering how many games are in it or list of games in the supper console x game list on each micro cards, don’t worry in this article we gave a full list of everything you need to know.

One thing I like about the super Console is that it is a retro gaming console that emulates great classic games. It’s an Android box that comes with a micro SD card which is loaded with EmuElec.

So you might be wondering what is this EmuElec I just mentioned above, well, simply said it’s a Linux kind of distribution that comes with a lot of emulators and was built on the Kodi media center Linux based operating system CoreElec .

One key thing you need to know is that the super Console X pro is swiftly powered by an Amlogic S905X quard core and not octa core with 1GB of RAM.

Also, a set of wireless PlayStation 3 and DualShock style wireless gaming controllers, are included in the box together with the Super Console X Pro.

Woah! it also came with a remote control, a power and HDMI cable, and a four-port USB hub which are all in this box.

Super Console X Game List

With over eighty (80) emulators and up to 50,000 games from systems like the Nintendo, PlayStation, Sega Dreamcast, and others are included by default too.

Here there are 3 different microSD card sizes to choose from 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB. The more game ROMs you get with a larger microSD card, the better.

Below is the full game list

64GB with 30,000 games to choose from, you can download here

128GB with over 30,000 games to choose from, you can download here

256Gb version with over 30,000 games to choose from, you can also download here.