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10 Types Of People You Will See At A "Baba Ijebu" Kiosk

If you are a baba ijebu player you will agree with me that below are the categories of people you will definitely meet there.

1. The Statisticians

They are usually seen every at Baba Ijebu shops doing statistics. From their statistics, you will see that these categories of people are far better than university students who bagged first cla$$ in statistics. However, they will analyze predictable numbers in such a way that you will keep wondering why they didn’t go for Maths and Stats rather than wasting their talents at Baba Ijebu shops.

2. The Dreamers

These ones are synonymous to Joseph, the dreamer, in the Bible. These ones normally see revelation at midnight of how God showed to them the 3-direct or 2-sure that will drop that day

3. The History tellers

They are very easy to spot. You will see them telling stories of their friends who bought Range Rover 2015 model from Baba Ijebu winnings. They will further stress that their greatest regret is that they were actually the ones that forecast the numbers for their friends but the emptiness of their pockets that day prevented them from playing the game, if not they ought to have owned a house and exotic cars

4. Share Collectors

This is the category I belong. Yes you heard me right . These ones are always at every Baba Ijebu shop, seeking for who just hit a jackpot so they can collect their own share of the money. We are always hovering at Baba Ijebu shops looking for our share from winners

5. Those Charging their Phones

As small as Baba Ijebu shops are, you will still see customers squeeze themselves like prisoners, hence, charging their phone

6. The Noise Makers

They always creating argumentative scenes, which later results to a fight/duel. They will blame their ill luck of winning on GEJ

7. Those looking Unkempt

Obviously, the larger percent of people you will meet at every Baba Ijebu shops are always unkempt. You will always see them looking frustrated like someone whose wife was snatched

8. The T. B Joshuas’

This is the right name to call these categories of people. They are always there to convince other people not to play a particular number. They will further add that they know so much about Baba Ijebu and they know how he interchanges numbers

9. The Sympathizers

These ones are there to sympathize with those who lost their gamble.

10. Feel free to add the last one.. let the fun continue

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