After a thorough research one on the Oppo Air Glass, we made and scaped out our own review on what we think about this huge move by the phone giant company Oppo.

Despite the fact that there hasn’t been any information concerning the Google glass since after its last release in 2020 Oppo which is a giant phone company is rising to be a competitor in the field, not globally anyways.

But don’t be surprised because Google can actually come back with a giant breakthrough.

Oppo is aiming on delivery this glass to consumers in china and not just professionals and enterprises alone.

When the Oppo Inno event took place in china which was Featuring the Oppo Air glass the giant phone company mentioned that I would release soon her price for this awesome but yet to be released gadget. The glass features a custom Projector with sapphire crystal glass protection on it.

What is the Oppo Air Glass Price

With everyone being unsure because the company hasn’t officially released its price for the Oppo Air Glass. but rumour has it that the price of this glass might end up being $200, which isn’t bad for good glass.

What is the Release date for Oppo Air Glass

Without any concrete statement, the giant phone company Oppo hasn’t given a specific date for its glass to be released but during the last Inno event she said it would be released anytime soon between the 1Q of 2022, but in china alone.

What are the Features of Oppo Air Glass

  1. Oppo Air Glass weighs 30 grams solely and that makes it extraordinarily light-weight to wear.
  2. Users can put on it over their frames however there are solely two particular sizes to select from.
  3. Oppo Air Glass is succesful of exhibiting informing on the lens, in the front of the user’s proper eye via the usage of a microLED display. The show can have a incredible height brightness of up to 1400 nits!
  4. The effective Spark Micro Projector suggests up all statistics on the twin Sapphire crystal glass.
  5. Oppo Air Glass is powered by using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 4100 SoC.
  6. This clever machine is outfitted with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS, whilst in-built audio system and microphone.
  7. Oppo Air Glass can be managed the use of a the touchpad on its side, hand gestures are additionally supported as is the ordinary function of the usage of the movement of the head to manage it.
    Moreover, voice-control is additionally incorporated.
  8. This system can flip into a mini teleprompter.
  9. It is constructed to translate speech, convert it to textual content and translate content, all in real-time, but the translation is only from Chinese to English.

The company has given due regard to every aspect of the device so that every individual can find it helpful.

This is an amazing quantity of facets for a gadget this compact. Imagine viewing notifications with simply a nod of your head or even clearing them from the display screen with one shake of the head, Lolz this seem impossible to believe

Information concerning day-to-day duties like searching up activities on Calendar or making sure the Weather is best for your next commercial enterprise of the day, or even navigating closer to your subsequent vacation spot the whole thing is displayed proper in the front of your eye.