Instagram has launched a new features to like stories without the necessary efforts of reacting to stories via Dm. Currently, you can only use the in-built reactions like happysad heart e.t.c to react to a story. 

This news was shared by Instagram head Adam’s Moserri, he pointed out how reacting to stories makes DM very clumsy as every reaction you get on your stories, sends a new DM message.

"The idea here is to make sure that people can express more support for each other, but also clean up DMs a little bit. Messaging is a key priority for us, and a big piece of that is focusing on DMs between you and the people that you care about." 
— Instagram Head Adam Mosseri

Instagram head Adam Mosseri also pointed out that the likes will be made private and will not show several counts. A notification will only be sent to the story uploader when there is a new-like. 

Instagram has never stopped adding new features to its app. The app is currently testing other features like NFT marketplace, 90seconds long reels and paid subscription. 

will you subscribe to use Instagram at all? even considering how fast the app consumes data subscriptions?