As we all know that pos agent are  much worried about the pos they want to use for their business.
Especially agent that just want to start the business.
Agent tend to run away from pos that require them to meet certain target, either daily or monthly target, they prefer to opt-in for pos with no target. 
These are the list of pos with no target for new and existing pos agent and business owners. 

1. Kudi pos machine. 
Kudi is one of the best target free pos you can opt-in to for a starter or existing pos agent. Though their transactions charges may not be attractive like the other competitors but the fact that it has no target has given them edge over other target pos machine. 

2. Baxi pos machine. 
Baxi is another pos that every agent will want to have, because they are also target free pos and arguably they are the best when it comes to bill payment plus you also get commission for every value paid for bill payment. It is target free pos and also fair in transactions charges.

3. Paycentre pos machine. 
This is another pos you can also go for if you are looking for pos with no target and low transaction charges. 

This list of pos are the best when it comes to target free pos, but these doesn't mean they don't have their other side and disadvantages too.