How to Logout of the Amazon App

Amazon’s mobile app has many great features that can help you find new products and make purchases from anywhere. You don’t have to have an Amazon product in order to use their app, as you can shop for anything on the app and pay with your Amazon account information.

When you are done shopping or making purchases, however, it’s important to log out of the app on your mobile device so that other people don’t have access to your account information, or so that you don’t accidentally purchase another item when you meant to be doing something else with your phone or tablet.

How to Logout Amazon App in Mobile

Amazon app allows you to shop, read e-books, play games, listen to music, and much more. You can place orders by simply using your mobile device. When you are logged in with your account it is possible for other people or family members who use your device to access any part of your account and take an order for their own. In that case when you need to log out from the amazon app, follow these steps;

  1. First Tap Menu in the top left corner then choose Your Account.
  2. Tap the My Account tab then select Device Settings.
  3. Choose the Deliveries option to toggle between On and Off.
  4. Now select Sign Out. The next time you visit Amazon’s website on your browser it will ask for login again.

How to Logout Amazon App From All Devices

Amazon has made it extremely easy for users to purchase things from their phones. If you want to log out of your Amazon account, you can do so on all devices that have access. This includes your computer, mobile phone, and tablet if you have them linked with your account.

To log out of your account, start by clicking Account located at the top right corner above all other options such as Settings and Help & Contact Us.

Then scroll down until you see a section titled Your Account and click on it. In order to log out of the amazon app, go back up to where you clicked in Account then click Manage Account under Shipping Options.

On top there will be a button saying Sign Out of All Other Devices – Click Here. Once you click it, follow the instructions in order to get logged out. That’s how we do the amazon app login procedure over here!

How to Logout of Amazon Prime

It’s a bit difficult to figure out how to log out from Amazon Prime. This is not necessarily an issue with Prime, but an issue with apps in general and their login security.

As of 2015, you have two choices for logging out: clearing your cache or actually logging out (which can be quite tricky). Clearing your cache won’t actually delete your login information, it just makes it so that when you go back into the app and refresh it, you’re forced back through your login process again.

If you want to log out by using a real log-out, go to Your Account in the upper right corner of any Amazon website page. Click on Settings. Then click on Manage Your Devices at the left and select Remove From Account at the right.

Logging off from your devices will force anyone accessing them to start over entering your credentials; otherwise, they’ll see only cached versions of pages until they sign back in properly.

How to Logout of Amazon App iPhone

If you are using an iPhone or iPad, and want to log out of your Amazon app so that no one else can access your account, you have several options. First, here’s how to log out if you’re using a phone: just hit log out at any time while signed in, and then either return to the home screen or sign into another app.

Next, let’s talk about logging out from your tablet: from within your app, press logout until it says You have successfully logged out. Lastly, what about logging out through a desktop computer? If you are using a Windows PC or Mac, you can still sign out.

  1. Hit your profile picture in the top right-hand corner
  2. Then hit settings in order to get started
  3. Then select Sign Out under Your Account Name, which will bring up two boxes – one asking if you want to just Sign Out Now, and another allowing you to sign back in again later with a different password than what is currently associated with your account.