Businesses uses Webfleet Solutions to rapidly increase thier vehicle performance, support drivers and even save fuel. Webfleet which is an Europe leading telematics huge solution provider has committed itself to helping business in terms of fleet management, vehicle telematics and also connected car services.

A fleet dashboard camera, additionally referred to as a fleet sprint camera, is a digital camera that can be attached internal a automobile to report what takes place when it’s on the road. Dash cameras can be each street and driver­-facing.

Vehicle CCTV Webfleet Solutions

Consumer sprint cameras are less costly and focused in the direction of individuals. Due to restrained function­ality, they’re no longer appropriate for fleet use.

Commercial fleet sprint cameras are long lasting and designed for profes­sional use.

What is Webfleet Solutions best for?

Webfleet Solutions is used by small and large scale businesses to primarily run and maintain their vehicles, in terms of saving fuel, improving fleet performance and support drivers which is key.

Webfleet video is great because it combines all info and data needed as a driver or fleet. The Cam 50 makes use of An Artificial intelligence technology to notify and identity hazardous behavior of drivers which helps them to avoid the risk of getting involved in an accident.

Vehicle CCTV Webfleet Solutions

Vehicle CCTV Webfleet Solutions helps you

  1. It helps you prevent and reduce accident and the tendency of getting involved in one.
  2. It also has lower insurance premiums and the expense of claims
  3. You can also gain full visibility into critical events Incase any occurs
  4. Also protect your driver’s against inapt and false claims
  5. Spoon drives your drivers to increase safety measures
  6. Also enhances fleet performance

Key Features of the Vehicle CCTV Webfleet Solutions

Below this section are some incredible Features of the Webfleet CCTV Solutions

Smart in-drive Monitor

while driving the Cam 50 uses AI to identify all bad habits and behaviors of the driver. When this occurs the driver is notified immediately with a beeping visual and audio alert by the dash camera. Then after receiving this alerts they can then take precautions immediately.

Great Automatic Uploads

This has an amazing feature of uploading events automatically to Webfleet which includes, all events taking or that took place during your driving e.g smoking, drinking, mobile phone usage and this alerts are immediately sent to Webfleet.

History Retrieval

Imagine getting feedback from customers and public now with the help of this software you can retrieve as many details as you wish from past events either to verify or disagree with complaints.

Live stream

from the comfort of your office, you can live stream a driver’s vehicle either with the road view or the drivers face which facing the Dash cam.

HD and vision for Night View

The dash cam has an inbuilt light which enables a clear vision for Night View.

How to get started with Webfleet

To get started with Webfleet all you need to do is to fill the demo form here, then submit demo.