DOTPAY is an Agency Banking Network that seeks to provide all banking and financial services to reach the underbanked and unbanked customers in the rural areas.

Dotpay Agent Reguirements

There’re certain criteria you must meet before you can become a DOTPAY agent. Hence, to get started as a DOTPAY Agent, please ensure that you have the following:

  • Valid ID
  • Passport Photograph
  • Utility bill not older than 3 months
  • Startup Capital
  • Strategic location
  • Your Bvn

How to Become a DOTPAY Agent Banking

The first step in becoming a DOTPAY Agent Banking is to complete the agent registration form and provide a valid means of identification, a recent utility bill, and a passport photograph. The registration can be done by visiting the office or by contacting any of the aggregators (CONTACT ME ON 08133749636) if you are within Lagos, Ogun and Oyo state.

How to Get DOTPAY Pos

As an agent, you are entitled to a pos machine to help you run your pos business more successfully. However, before you can get the pos machine, there are few things you are required to do:

  • Payment of ten thousand Naira ( N20,000) caution fee.(plus aggregators will charge between 25,000-30,000) for logistic and registration)

After a successful payment, the agent is issued a pos machine by the company’s aggregators in your state.

Features of  DOTPAY Pos

DOTPAY features allow its agents to have complete control and insight into their business performance.
With the DOTPAY platform network, you can perform the following transactions to customers:

  • Account Opening
  • Deposit/Cash in
  • Withdrawal/Cash out
  • Funds Transfer
  • Bills Payment
  • Recharge Top Up E.T.C

DOTPAY Agent Target

Dotpay has no fixed amount as a target, rather Dotpay agent are expected to perform the minimum transactions of 20(twenty)counts transactions daily irrespective of the amount. If an agent fail to meet up the target consistently, his or her pos will be retrieved by the aggregators that issued the pos or any other aggregator assigned by the company.


Below is the breakdowwn of charges per transaction on DOTPAY.

1k = 5 naira

2k = 10 naira

3k = 15 naira

4k = 20 naira

5k = 25 naira

6k = 30 naira

7k = 35 naira

8k = 40 naira

9k = 45 naira

10k = 50 naira

11k = 55 naira

12k = 60 naira

13k = 65 naira

14k = 70 naira

15k = 75 naira

16k = 80 naira

17k = 85 naira

18k = 90 naira

19k = 95 naira

20k = 100 naira

20k to >>>> = 100 naira

Deposit is  @ #25 flat rate 

DOTPAY Aggregator Office Address

  • Lagos Aggregator Office: 7, Folasade adetunji street, jankara ijaye Lagos.