How to protect your bank details

Top 3 Ways To Protect Your Bank Accounts from hackers

Online fraudsters are getting smarter every day so also the banking industries, but these guys are always one step ahead of them one way or the other. People are being defrauded of their hard earn cash every day and go scout free leaving the victims helpless because their banks are too lazy to trace the origin of the transaction.  There are so many ways by which you can protect your bank account from being defrauded.

Having a specific ATM for an online transaction

It is always good to have a specific Card for performing your online transaction. Using multiple cards for online traction can put your bank account in great danger because you can’t tell which of the site is infected. Also, some payment gateways used on this site also matters a lot. Like Paystake and Flutter wave which is commonly used in almost all website now, ranging from e-commerce, betting site and what have you will only request for your card numbers and pin once, so the next time you want to carry out a transaction on that site you won’t need to input any number including pin just amount and that’s all. But payment gateway Quickteller also known as Interswitch doesn’t operate like that, you have to input your details any time you want to make an online payment and you will be sent OTP for confirmation to verify that the payment is coming from you. in other words, the card that is provisioned for an online transaction should only be funded when the needs arise.

Deactivating your card from your banking app

Most people don’t know about this feature, all they care about is to transfer and also check their account balance. Most banks have upgraded their banking app by adding this special feature which enables you to deactivate your card when not in use and also activate it when you want to initiate a transaction. With this feature your card is 100% secure no transaction can be initiated if you deactivate the card. So in case your card got stolen just deactivate it. The option is also available using banks’ ussd code but not all banks have added this feature to their ussd.

Password enable your BVN Sim card

 Your smartphone is not the only thing that needs to be protected, your sim card that is connected to your bvn also needs to be password enabled reason being that if your phone gets stolen, some of these cybercriminals know how to withdraw your money from your bank account using your sim. So when it is password protected it will be completely useless and also gives you more time to block and retrieve the sim.