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How to Make Money With Opera New Hub Updated review?

Opera news hub is an online blogging platform own by opera mini. I will be discussing how the Opera News Hub works, and if it’s worth investing your time in. Opera mini launched the opera hub in early 2017. At the time of their launch, they had only employed a few writers, which makes it easy for them to earn more. Opera hub is like blogging but in a more stress-free way, you don’t need to bother about search engine optimization or getting index from google, all because Opera news hub already has its own ecosystem which is the “Opera Browser”. Opera has Billions of users across the globe using either their browser or their news app, which is available for download on the Google play store. Unlike BlogSpot and WordPress, where you have to deal with search engine optimization (SEO) and traffic. With opera hub, you don’t need to worry about these things all you need to worry about is dishing out quality content.


Before you can become a writer, you need to sign up from www.operahub.com. where you would be asked to input your details which include your Opay details for payment, and finally is to wait for the approval. After approval, you then can log in to your dashboard where you will see your writing tools and get ready to publish your article.

How Long Does it Take for a Post to Get Approval?

At launch, it only takes 5min for your post to get approved, but now that the platform is oversaturated it takes hours and days for your post to get approved. As a verified writer it takes less than 5min for the post to get approved, also if your content is great, your post can be approved in less than 10mins tops.

How Much You Can Earn Per Post?

Opera hub pays ₦0.036 per click on the post and by reach or impression so you can do the calculations yourself, so if your content is good you can get as much as 3k to 20k click in less than 20min on a single post depending on how great your article is and you can post up to 5 articles per day. Note opera hub frowns at plagiarism and if you are caught in the art, your post will not be approved and also, you can get banned from the platform.

Verified and Unverified Writers

There are two writers on the platform, the verified writer and the unverified publisher or writer. At the launch of the platform, opera employed some writers that would write for them, these are the verified writer. The unverified writers are the people that sign up with them to write and also to make money but they too can become a verified writer if their post is captivating and also make sense.

Does Opera Hub Still Pays ?

Unlike when it was newly launched, then they only had few writers, people made thousands and millions from the platform but now that the market is oversaturated, two many writers so it has become more competitive through with the good article you can still earn cool cash from the platform but at the same time, it is not as lucrative like when it was newly launched.