Do you want to get Opay point of sales machine? 

Opay POS is one of the additional benefits given to Opay agents, if you become an opay agent, you will be given a point of sale machine from opay to facilitate business transactions in your area.

In addition to what you will be getting as an agent, are, a Tshirt, Opay sticker, and Opay big umbrella. With this gadget, you are set to stand as our representative. Moreover, as an agent, you are entitled to our seasonal benefits.

Benefit Of Getting  OPay Pos. 

1) Registration is Free

2) Instant wallet Settlement for withdrawal

3) POS is easy to get

4) POS is free

5) The Cheapest tariff, for both transfer and withdraw. 0.5% capped @ #100 (for withdrawal) (#10 for transfer) 

6) Excellent Customer services, simple to access and quick resolution of issues.

7) Many ways to make money on Opay.

Opay’s Agent Commission

The commission is the percentage of money paid you for the transaction you carry out on the Opay mobile app.

You earn money when you provide the following services to customers

  • Withdrawals and deposits
  • Bill payments
  • Airtime and data purchase
  • Referring people to use Opay


  • The Opay pos will forever be a property of Opay and so Opay has the right to withdraw their pos machine anytime they deem fit.
  • You are expected to use the pos machine for transaction on daily basis, if you don’t do so, it will be taken from.
  • If you ignore the procedure of using the pos machine, the machine may be taken from you.

  • How Much is Opay POS Machine?

    Opay POS machine is free, You can apply for it online or office. Moreover, if you want other packages like Tshirt and other items, it will equally be given to you. Meanwhile, you are also entitled to Opay stickers and Umbrella.

Requirements For Registration

First and foremost, you must have an active mobile phone number, a recent passport photo, a Valid ID card, Utility bill and CAC document.

It will enable one to transfer money to loved ones and business associates or request money from them when in distress. Opay is cheaper than using your bank app, you can use it to buy airtime/Top-up directly from your bank and also to pay any other bills.

How Long Does it Take to get Opay POS?

It tasks less than two weeks to apply and get a point of sale machine from opay. When applied for via online, it may take more.

Where can I pick up my POS machine from?

After registration and application for Opay pos, your pick up location will be sent to you via a mail.

WHATSAPP/CALL ME ON 08133749636/09099261730.