There are many skills to make money from but I will be writing on just 12 skills. Some of these skills can be done as side jobs or full time. Of a truth it is what you know that will naturally attract money to you. Some people have so commonise and trample on their skills such that it doesn’t add value to their lifes.

The funniest thing is that some people discover their skills in difficult times. So give a thought to that your hubby because it could be the very skill to make money from. Some of this skills can be learnt while others are inborn. People pay huge money to get trained for what others can do even with eyes closed. I have seen some hairdressers who have never gone to any training but perform better than those who have undergone several trainings from different institutions.

Just know that no skill is a waste, every skill is suppose to make you rich or be a millionaire. Look out for skills that pay well and learn.



If you can drive then you have work to do, it is a very good skill for making good money. Driving skill can be paying you #200,000 every month. It is real and not something to cajole you. We have platforms you can register with to get it done example is Taxify’ Uber and any other personal form of driving you can employ. It doesn’t require any money from you all you have to do is to look for a partner and you are ready to hit the ground.

Driving business is unisex is for make and female so don’t let gender hinder you. As a matter of fact female drivers are increasing every day and they are said to be very good at what they are doing. You mustn’t wait until you have a car. In the those platforms there are drivers and there are partners. You can be joined to someone who has a car but can’t drive. Register with either Taxify or Uber, owners of car can use matchmaking to pick. Go to play form matching session you will have someone pick you.


You can raise profit up to #150,000 and above in this money making idea. This is a skill that you may or may not require training. What do I mean? Some people are naturally good at cooking sometimes they cook better than those who read; home Economics, Food Technology, Catering etc. All you need is the know how then you shoot your caferia on social media to get clients.

There are different ways to go about this. You can cook different Africa and Intercontinental dishes delicacies for people who have no time to cook, families, offices that are doing seminars etc. Another way is to cook for weddings, burial, birthdays, coronation, festivals etc. Some people charge as high as #50,000 for being hired to cook for just a day and will still have some unused foodstuffs for their keep.

Apart from using social media to advertise what you are doing, tell friends, neighbours close persons about your skill. You will be surprised the number of clients you will get because people at one point or the other have occasion that requires eating. Very important your work will advertise you so be a great cook.


There are many entrepreneurs with this money making skills, who doesn’t know how to sew but employs trained tailors to do the business for them. Most of those people have friends who are high class some are politicians celebrities etc. We have so many of such entrepreneurs in big cities like Port Harcourt, Lagos, Abuja etc.

Those shops are state of the art fashion shops where you can pay as high as #30,000 for a sewn dress. Some pay their staff as much as #100,000 but will require you do a clean classical job. It is a very good platform to build customer base that can as well give you jobs.


There is a huge market in Nigeria for models. If you have a good shape, body and height you can run a modelling business. It doesn’t mean you have to be nude ‘NO’. You can model for fashion houses and earn more than #60,000 a month. If you cannot get jobs or know how to get jobs from big firms or get connection use Instagram. Give your camera phone to someone close who knows how to edit images to snap and edit for you. There are sites that purchases bucket photos and pay in dollars. This is one hubby that can make you money.


If you can write or love writing then you will make money from it. Writing is a most profitable skill to learn. Script writing is a hot cake especially copywriting. There are many niches to choose from such as; paraphrasing, editing, proof reading, content writing etc. Create account with Freelancing sites such Adwork, Guru,, Fiverr, freelancers etc.

Blogging is another good thing to chose from writing skills but it takes a long time before you start making money. But when it finally starts rolling in you will be happy you started. Don’t go into it on a full time basis except you have means of sustaining yourself until it blows. Start it as a side hustle.


You can work for someone or school if they pay well preferably you can start your own in your area. Go around homes in your location and inform parents about what you skill. Use the front of your house, varendah, car park, under shade as venue for teaching. Parents will send their wards to you for after School teaching. I have a friend who is doing this in Akwa Ibom State some people send their house maids for her to teach.

Become an adult tutor, by organising classes for adult it is much easier this way. The best thing is to settle on a niche you can do effortlessly. Some people are good at taking care of children, so start a day care centre in your home. This is one of the skills to make money from home.


The art of public speaking can be earned but inborn speakers have be making money over time. You can start by speaking in your friends birthday parties, give a toast in marriage, MC in a naming ceremony etc. Motivational speakers are making it seriously in this skill. Look around, you will see one or two persons in this industry to confirm.

Another skill that can be born out of this is consulting. Some consultants earn as much as #250,000 to consult for a business. Your advantage in public speaking skill is to be knowledgeable.
I remembered when I bought the book, ‘The Art of Public Speaking’ by Dale Carnegie. It was only for the knowing I never envisaged what the future hold.

If you hear people say you talk too much or you are always chosen to be a spoke person in any event that means you have speaking skill.


Photographers make money from shooting during birthdays, weddings, sports, wildlife, aerial images, movies, landscaping, real estate etc. You need camera for this skill that is very important but for a start leverage on someone who has an existing photography business. Tell the person you want to learn and after the training will like to work for him for so and so time before leaving. Don’t worry you will have a lot of tips if you are good at it. Use the opportunity to build your own clients base.


Comedy is a booming business, you don’t have to wait until you are invited. Start uploading jokes on Instagram, youtube etc. Who knows some big shots may start inviting you for shows. You have to showcase what you have or the talents you are made off for good pay. The bible says; ‘a mans gift will make a way for him’. It will bring him before kings and not mere men.

To be a good comedian you must have a good sense of humour. If notice that people are always laughing when you talk; whenever you open your mouth it amuses people or you like cracking jokes. You don’t need an angel to tell you that you will make a good comedian.


If you want to make cool cash then you have to look into laptop/phone repairs. More than 65% of Nigerians use phone which will require repairs at one point or the other. The services to render include; phone flashing, screen fixing, mouth piece fixing and other repairs.

Presently, someone close to me who is a teacher wants to start phone repairs as a side hustle. You can make more than #100,000 a month depending on your location and expertise. I paid #3,000 to fix fan processor on my laptop, another #3,000 for formatting.


I was shocked when someone came to make up my sister’s face she paid her #5,000. Every other person within the same house that came she collected #3,000 and so on. The lady left with almost #20,000 that day. In Akwa Ibom close to my sister’s shop the women there collect not less than #1,000 to tie GELE.

My little neice who is a 200 level computer student has already gotten training on how to tie gele and do make up.


Women don’t joke with their hair do, every woman wants to look beautiful and will pay any amount to achieve that. Fixing of hair in my area is #1,500 with begging #1,000. Plaiting is about #2,000 if it is a simple style. Speak to your neighbours, friends and family members they are your first customers. This is a good business idea for students and the unemployed.

  • Driving
  • Tailoring
  • Cooking
  • Public speaking
  • Phone/Laptop repairs
  • Modelling
  • Teaching
  • Writing
  • Photography
  • Hair dressing
  • Tieing of gele/make up
  • Comedy show