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how to apply for prepaid meter online in lagos

Ikeja Electric Online Prepaid Meter Application

This article is to guide you on how to request to apply for Ikeja Electricity prepaid meter via online registration. Requesting for a prepaid meter is one of the easiest things to do even without visiting their office, all you need is your internet connection, smartphone, or computer, then you visit the

Step one get your bill ready cause you will need some information from it when you are filling the form on their online portal

Step 2: you will need a valid identity card (voter’s card or national identity card) and passport

Step 3 login on to map.ikejaeletric.com/sign-in

When your browser opens the landing page you will see two options which are sign in as an existing customer or sign up as a new customer. Your meter number or account number is your sign-up ID then create a password after which you will be able to log in.

The next step is to fill the KYC (Know Your Customer) form. Fill all the options and note, the address on the bill must correspond with the address on their portal if not your form won’t be approved. After filling in all the necessary information, you will then receive a confirmation mail that it has been approved or rejected. If rejected, the reason will be put there for correction.

The last step is to request for a prepaid meter but before they bring the meter an agent would come and inspect your house to see if you have everything set for it and you would be given a teller which you will take to the bank for payment of the meter.

Ikeja electric prepaid meter price

The price of the meter is determined by the type of meter phase you want by, for the single-phase, it is 40,00 while the double phase is 90,000 .payment for the meter would be made to a specific account number provided by Ikeja Electric. online payment is not supported, so you will have to go and make the payment in the bank.

Note: Do not pay online