Since reports started circulating that Coronavirus is in Nigeria, everyone needs to be extra careful to be on the safe side of life. We can help you with that by showing you the instructions to adhere to if you want to avoid getting infected. Coronavirus patient Nigeria:
1. Wash your hands thoroughly: It is very vital to wash your hands properly and regularly for at least twenty seconds with soap and water to be safe. Experts even say you should sing the well known “happy birthday” song while washing because it will let you reach all the parts of your fingers.

2. Get a hand sanitizer: When you have no access to water and soap, use a hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizers are liquids that get rid of germs and they are very portable. An alcohol-based hand sanitizer is useful here plus it should be used regularly.

3. Avoid raw meats and animal products: If possible, steer clear of any physical contact with animals, animal products and raw meats, since they might be infected.

4. Cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing: As you sneeze or cough, make sure you cover your mouth and dispose of the tissue properly. If you prefer to use your hands, wash them immediately with soap and water. Doing this will prevent the spread of germs.

5. Go to the hospital: As soon as you begin to feel feverish, start to cough or feel weak as you battle flu, visit the hospital immediately. Self-medication will not help here. Yes, it might not be the deadly virus, but knowing the nature of your sickness is a good idea.