This article contains information about how to easily start and setup a car wash shop in Nigeria also information about the cost of setting up a standard car wash with equipment's.

You can make a lot of money from car wash business in Nigeria,all you have to do is to follow a well laid out strategy and plan.Anyone can start up a car wash business,whether 
your a banker,lawyer,unemployed graduate Etc Car wash business is a business anyone can venture into.

How To Start Car Wash Business In Nigeria

Q1: What factors do I need to consider before setting up a car wash station In Nigeria?

A: Ensure that you consider the following factors before setting up your car wash station.


You need enough capital to set up your car wash business,plus also the money to buy the necessary tools needed.
Depending on the scale you want to start off with,you will need to have about N200,000 Naira and above.


Do not rush into starting a car wash business without asking questions and conducting your own personal research.
Go around,ask questions,search the internet,visit different car wash stations/shops and have in mind how you want your car wash station to be like,and how much money you will be willing to invest into the business.

This will determine if you will be able to be making as much as N600,000 monthly or just N10,000 monthly,choose your location wisely.
Make sure your car wash shop is located in a very busy area,where motorists ply always. 
Depending on your location or state where you will want to start your business,you might be required to register your car wash business with the appropriate authorities.
Make inquiries about this before starting up. 

Before you start your car washing business,make sure you make arrangement for a steady supply of water,because you will be needing that a lot.
Consider digging a well or drilling a bore hole in other to produce a constant source of water.
This should be installed in case of emergencies,water tanks should be used to store water in case there is a shortage of water. 
You should consider buying a generating set for use in your car wash shop,you might need electricity to make use of one of your equipment,also a generator is essential for this 
business because of Nigeria's epileptic power supply.


You need to employ people that will assist you and help to ensure the smooth running of your car wash shop.

You need to set up any form of side attraction or entertainment for your customers,you can even set up a football match viewing center inside your car wash shop in other to entertain your customers while they are waiting for their cars to be washed.  

Q2: What are some of the equipment's needed in other to start up a car wash business in Nigeria?

A: You need to purchase the following items listed below before setting up:
  • Generator
  • Car Wash Machine: Gasoline Pressure Car Washer
  • Water Tanks
  • Buckets
  • Packets of detergent
  • Towels 
  • Borehole or Well
  • Hose
  • Spider pump
  • Steam Washer
  • Chairs and Tables
  • Brushes
  • Polisher
  • Vacuum Cleaner


Generator - Needed for the generation of electricity.
Car Wash Machine - For car wash
Water Tanks - Storage of water
Buckets - For car wash
Packets of detergent - For car wash
Towels - For car wash
Borehole or Well - Source of water
Hose - For car wash
Spider pump - For car wash
Steam Washer - For car wash
Chairs and Tables - For relaxation at the car wash
Brushes - For car wash
Polisher - For car wash
Vacuum Cleaner - Needed for cleaning (sucking up of dirt)  the interior of a car.

Q3: Why should I start car wash business In Nigeria?


Check out reasons why you should start a car wash business:

  • 1. There are a lot of people that own cars in Nigeria,infact the FRSC said that there are too many cars on Nigerian Roads.
  • 2. Car owners are either too busy or too lazy to wash their cars.
  • 3. Some Nigerian roads are filled with pot holes and dirt.
  • 4. Nigerian weather is also a contributing factor,for example most cars are dirtier during wet or rainy seasons.

Car wash business is a very lucrative business in Nigeria,their is also an automated car wash system that is common in western countries,setting up that type of car wash here in Nigeria will cost you nothing less than 3 million Naira,however the DIY manual system of car wash is very common and popular here in Nigeria.