This post will explain to you how to register and obtain a birth certificate and it's current cost and process in Nigeria.

Every person born in Nigeria is supposed to have a registered birth certificate,however for some reasons over 50% of Nigerians do not have a birth certificate.  
The Federal Government of Nigeria's decree No. 69 of 1992 states that registration shall be carried out free of charge, within a period of 60 days from the date of birth of every Nigerian child,in 2003, the Child Rights Act in its Section 5 clearly states that: 

"Every child has the right to a name and the birth of every child shall be registered".

How To Register & Obtain A Birth Certificate In Nigeria

The National Population Commission's (NPC) responsibility is to collect,analyze and disseminate population census and survey data and also to issue birth certificates in Nigeria since 1992.

Locations For Registration Of Birth

  • National Population Commission Registration centres.
  • Local Government Headquarters.
  • National Population Commission’s Offices. 
  • National Population Commission’s Desks in Hospital/Health Centers. 

How To Obtain A Birth Certificate (For A New Born Baby)

Birth registration/certificate is free and your child should be registered within the first sixty days of birth,you will provide details such as: 

Your child's name, date of birth, place and type of birth and birth order; mother's name, age at birth of child, marital status, education, ethnicity,address,father's name, age at birth of child Etc

If however your baby was not given birth to in a hospital here are the steps for obtaining a birth certificate: 

  • (a) obtain a sworn affidavit that will be taken the NPC.
  • (b) the NPC will register the child and issue a birth certificate.
  • (c) also certain hospitals, churches and local governments may issue birth certificates,you should however take these certificates to the NPC for registration.

How To Obtain A Birth Certificate For Adults

If you were born before 1992 you can also obtain your birth certificate,just follow the steps below:

  • (a) visit any local government near your area to obtain an affidavit. 
  • (b) Take it to the NPC in other to be issued a birth certificate that will indicate that you were born before 1992.
  • (c) Your birth certificate should contain details such as: your name,father's name, mother's name, place of birth and date of birth.
  • (a) Visit your state local government secretariat.
  • (b) Make inquiries concerning the National commission agency.
  • (c) Request for a birth certificate. 
  • (d) You will be given a form to fill,the form costs N100. 
  • (e) You may be required to get an Age Declaration Affidavit & attestation letter from any court, this can be done by visiting any court near you. 
  • (f) After getting these required documents,go back to the National Population Commission and submit those documents. 
  • (g) You will then be issued a birth certificate,this costs about N2500. 

This is how you can acquire a birth certificate in Nigeria.