Though you may feel that it is easy to say ‘stay motivated’ but very difficult to implement in practical life, you can still try to stay positive towards your life, no matter how weird the situation is.
To keep yourself motivated, you just need to remind yourself of a few things. Here we list them.

1: Refresh Your Mind
Staying healthy doesn’t only mean physical fitness. To stay healthy mentally is equally, rather more important. Try to move your focus from the points of stress. Listen to your favorite music; pay a visit to a park, seaside, or any of your favorite places; remember the happy memories of your life… in simple words, do whatever you can do to make your mind relaxed! Even when you are busy, a few minutes of keeping your mind relaxed can double your energy levels.

2: Keep Your Health on Top Priority
‘Health is wealth’ is a universal proverb. No matter who you are, where you are, and what you are doing, keep your health on top of your priority list. If you stay healthy, you can maintain your efficiency at high levels, but if you compromise on your health, you will face problems in your personal and professional life. Take a balanced diet, take proper rest and sleep for at least 6-8 hours a day to keep your mind and body working efficiently.

3: Keep Your Approach Optimistic
Having a positive approach towards your life is itself an act of motivation. Learn to appreciate yourself; try to ignore the negativities around you; focus on the positive aspects. Read inspiring quotes, motivational stories, talk to those people around you who encourage you to do more, who themselves have an optimistic approach.

4: Spend Time with ‘Yourself’
It has been rightly said that no one can be your best friend except your own self. No matter how busy your schedule is, try to spare sometime for yourself as well. Stay quiet, talk to yourself, this could be the best remedy to freshen up your mind.

5: Be Decisive
This is one of the lacking that demoralizes people at times. You must learn to be decisive even in odd times. Hiding yourself under the table will not protect you from the risks. Learn to come out, take a decision, no matter even if you are not sure about its pros and cons. Especially if you refresh your mind frequently, you may surely take the right decisions. It will be you who is going to decide whether you are going to be a victim or a victor.

6: Seek Suggestions
It is important to seek advices from those who are concerned with you, i.e., your friends and family. You will feel much relaxed if you have a good listener with you. Try to spend time with them, speak out your problems to them, and ask them to advise. They may help you going beyond their capacity.

7: Do Proper Planning
Planning is a requirement for each and every aspect of your life. It is mostly the improper planning that creates chaotic and tensed situations, making you feel stressed. Learn to prioritize your work depending upon its urgency; check whether anybody else can do it in place of you. When you are making a plan, you are actually thinking of the entire process from start till end; therefore, you can come up with new ideas and ways to release the pressure from you.

8: Analyze Your Performance
Instead of giving others the chance to monitor your performance, try to analyze yourself on your own. Learn from your mistakes, avoid repeating them again, and adapt ways to improve your performance. When you spend some time alone, you can easily evaluate what you have done, what you have to do, and how to do it. You can think of some new ways to achieve your goals.

9: Cherish Happy Moments
No matter how small they are, cherish each and every moment of bliss. An appreciation, recognition, acknowledgement, an award, or mere timely accomplishment of any task; try to reward yourself for any special moment that comes in your life.

10: Remind Yourself Your Achievements
Whenever you feel dull, exhausted, and demoralized, remind of yourself of your achievements. This will create a positive impact on your psychology. You will then realize your hidden potentials; will realize it was you who has achieved previous targets. Look at your previous shields, certificates, pictures of those special events, and say to yourself, ‘I can do it’. You will surely feel a new energy in yourself.

Final Words
These tips are not for your guidance in real sense, rather these are just a few aspects which, if remembered, can surely boost your motivation. Remember the saying by Leonardo da Vinci, “Obstacles cannot crush me. Every obstacle yields to stern resolve. He who is fixed to a star does not change his mind”. So think positive, stay optimistic, be confident, and reach your goals!