What money advice: can you learn in 20 minutes to help you become rich? Here discussed 19 wise money tips to make you rich painlessly but with ironclad willpower. Napoleon Hill wrote: “to become rich consist of doing.” Thus, get the wisdom here and act on it. You will become rich.

1. Live below your means-Don’t live above your means

You have heard it. To improve your financial ability spend less than you earn. In other words – live below your means. Spend 70% of your earnings save or invest the balance. Baby – It’s that simple!

2. Money is only a tool

Money is no different from a car, spoon, or any other tool. We use tools to simplify and complete a certain task. Treat money as a tool and you will achieve a lot of successes with it. The money will do whatever you want it to do without complaining. Money is liquid and thus likes to move. It will take you anywhere and everywhere. You need to drive money and never allow money to drive you.
Money Rule:
• * “Never lose your money” not under any circumstance
• * Never forget the rule of money

3. Self-improvement – invest in yourself

The most important thing you can do for yourself is to continuously improve your standards. If you want to become rich invest in the following areas;
• Education – to fit in with your peers and community expectations • Health – to be able to tackle tasks ahead • Physical appearance – to look good, sharp and respectable • Knowledge – to become wise and knowledgeable • Career – to improve your marketable skills • Future – save and invest some of your money continuously • Relationships – you need family and friends support to thrive

4. Stop buying stuff you don’t need

Know how to manage your money. Spend your money on value. Don’t buy stuff for the seek of feeling good. Stuff you buy should improve your financial well-being in the long run. Invest in an asset and avoid liabilities. Long lasting items tend to have value due to their long-term usage capabilities.

5. Don’t loan money to family and friends

The best financial practices dictate that “never lend money to family or friends,” because the cost of this action is very high.
You lose both in the end.

6. Advice: Create and rely on more than one income source

Build multiple income streams because it’s a bad idea to rely on one source.
You need to own things that bring money in but not taking your money away… 7 is the recommended number of income streams one must have ideally.

7. Create a budget

To become rich you need to create a budget to help manage your money. A budget is a financial plan that enables you to control your money. Without a budget, your money will control you.

8. Avoid high-interest debt – bad debt

Don’t take bad loans. Bad loans have high-interest rates. Instead of helping you grow financially, bad loans drug you down. Credit card debt is an example of a bad loan. Don’t use bad debt.

9. Save regularly and compound your savings

Save money regularly to help get rich. Building a financial empire begins at your money-saving prowess. Save and don’t get your interest earnings out. Compounding your earned interest is the name of the money game.

10. Buy and keep

Buy valuable assets with an intention to keep for a long time (or many years.) Buy and hold is a good strategy. Things you can buy to hold for long include; • real estate • stocks

11. Learn how to raise money

Learn how to raise money and people will come for help and advice. People need money for projects but they don’t know how to raise project money. You can Charge consultation and finder fees. Ask to become part of the project.

12. Start a small business

People who become billionaires start small time businesses. They grew their business to corporate giants over the years. You need to start your own business to become truly rich.

13. Discover hidden investors – undiscovered investors

Come up with a great investment idea. You have no money to invest but your idea is solid, marketable and profitable. Make a list of people who have money. Talk to them and convince them to invest in your idea. People who become billionaires used other people’s money to thrive.

14. Know yourself – self-awareness

This means:
• Knowing and respecting your strengths and weaknesses • Knowing your passions • Knowing your fears • Knowing your desires and dreams • Knowing your thoughts • Knowing your likes and dislikes • Knowing your tolerances • Knowing your limitations
Use this knowledge to make money the easiest way you can design.

15. Give and share your money

To find sweet fulfillment in life you need to show love to others. The best way to achieve this goal is to give and share your money with others. Give and it shall be given back with interest. Share and you will receive blessings.

16. See yourself as a company

You need to use your money prudently like a profit-making minded company. Treat yourself like a corporate entity that must report profits every year. You are the owner and managing director of this company. How much profit do you want to report at the end of the year? Only you can determine this.

17. Pursue value in everything you do

Everything you do must be value-centered;
• Thing value when you buy
• Think value when you learn
• Think value in your relationships
• Think value when investing
• Think value in your business dealings
• What value are your customers receiving from your service?
• Provide value to those around
• Become valuable and irresistible
Pursue value relentlessly and you shall become rich. People who become rich know the importance of value. People pay for value.

18. Change your mindset about money

Money is good. It can earn you many very good things. Don’t worry about money. Never say that you can’t afford this or that. Your view about buying power should be, “how can I afford this,” and never, I can’t afford this. You can afford anything in this life as long as you want it bad.

19. Value time over money

Time is the most important item in your life. Without time you can’t accomplish anything. Time utilized properly and productively will make more money than you can imagine. Money has no value if you have no time to use or make it work for you.

source:: wealthscheme