So you have decided to buy a car,but not a brand new car,but a fairly
used car, one of the steps to take to change the ownership of the car is to write a change of car ownership agreement letter.

It's imperative that both parties write and sign a change of ownership agreement letter in the presence of a witness,to enable the buyer to fully register the car as his\her own. 

This post will show you how to write a short,precise and formal change of car ownership agreement letter.

Change Of Car Ownership Sample Letter 

This is to certify that I Mr. (NAME HERE) of (ADDRESS HERE) has sold my car, lorry, truck, bus, tricycle (vehicle make 

example: Honda) with the following  details: 

Engine Number: Y3MBXF75039
Chasis Number:  BB2AA24ZAUWG61
Registration Number: NCAA256QA

To Mr/Mrs/Miss. …………….. of No: …………………….. at the rate/sum of (Amount Here).
I thereby authorize him (the buyer) to change the particulars of the car to his name.


(Name,Date & Signature)             

(Name,Date & Signature) 

Witness 1 (Name & Signature)            

Witness 2 (Name & Signature)
The both parties will sign,also the two witnesses from both parties will also sign to seal the deal.