You can start up a tipper business in Nigeria,
all you need to know is to ask questions and take your time to time to make some research before venturing into tipper business in Nigeria. 

Like in other countries,trucks or tippers are used to carry out different haulage services.
This article contains quick information about setting up a tipper business in Nigeria.

How To Start Tipper Business In Nigeria

Q1: How much capital do I need to start a tipper business in Nigeria?

You will need to have between 3.5M to 5 Million naira,this amount will cover the cost of the truck and other expenses like registration of thee vehicle with the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) Etc.

Q2: What is the cost price of 911 tipper and other trucks in Nigeria?

A 6tyres tipper (30 tonnes) and 10 tyres (60 tonnes) belgium graded 911 or 1113 mercedes benz 6 tyres tippers price goes.
for about N3.5m and N4.5m,while a 10 Tyre belgium iveco interturbo truck will cost between N6.5M - N7.5M.

Q3: What are the options available for buying and investing in truck business in Nigeria?

You may decide to buy the truck and drive it by yourself or hire a driver to be using the vehicle to convey goods and services from one location to another.

In this type of system, money is made on a daily basis,a daily estimation of about N7k - 10K is made daily. 
You can be making about N300k - N350k monthly as net profit.

Another method is to register your truck with a constriction firm or company and sign an agreement with the company.
The company will manage the vehicle and might be servicing the truck as well as providing the driver or you might be the one in charge of servicing the truck,it all depends on the agreement you reached with the company.

At the end of the month the company will pay you between N300k - 400k,depending on the tipper,a 10 tyre tipper will earn more than a 6 tyre tipper. 

Another lucrative opportunity is to lend or lease your truck to a company for about 6 months or 1 year or a couple of years.

In this case the company will take care of all the expenses incurred by the truck during that period,which includes servicing and maintenance of the truck,fueling Etc 

Under this leasing arrangement,you might be paid monthly, quarterly, annually or at a specified time that is convenient for the client company your in partnership with.

This type of partnership will earn you about N400k - 500k monthly.
 In this type of partnership you can wake up and decided to withdraw your truck,there is usually a signed contract. 

Q4: I want to start a tipper business and employ a driver,how do I start a tipper business without being cheated on?

A: Apart from making your research about the business,you should consider using the fleet management system that will enable you monitor your trucks from the confines of your office or home,that way you will know when your truck or trucks are working and making money.

Or you can hire a manager to be working for you alongside the driver,the manager will be earning commissions based on the amount or profit made i.e the more money the tipper makes the more commission he gets. 
Also consider changing and employing another driver and manager if you notice that your income has started dropping suddenly.
Drafting a contract for the driver and manager to sign that states that their employment can be terminated at anytime you notice a significant decrease in your income will go along way to help you get new drivers or managers without too much drama.

If you have any more questions about tipper business in Nigeria,don't hesitate to use the comment box.