A lot of people do not know that this business generates billions of naira every year,due to the high level of unemployment in Nigeria,alot of people that invested in different agricultural business are smiling to the bank on a regular basis. 

Millions of people across Africa eat plantain,around the world,entrepreneurs make money from the export of plantain to other countries.  

In Nigeria Plantain is used in different forms,for example plantain is used to produce plantain flour which the Yorubas in the Southwest region of Nigeria call "Amala dudu".

 "Amala dudu" is actually more nutritious and expensive than yam and cassava flour.

Plantain can also be boiled or roasted,it can also be fried and eaten alongside with rice or beans. 

Lastly plaintain can also be processed into plantain chips, popularly called 'kpekere', these are usually hawked around in Nigerian streets. 

How To Start Plantain Farming Business In Nigeria

Step 1:

You should look for a virgin land to use,if you do not find one,then look for another land.

You should prepare the soil before planting. The preferred soil for plantain farming is the loamy soil. 

You should also know that plantains perform better when planted in groups because they protect each other from the harsh rays of the sun. 

Plantain grows best in Tropical regions,you can also make sure that the land is properly manured by applying fertilizers or compost manure. 
Step 2:

The next step for you is to source for suckers,Plantain's do not have seeds,it's seedlings are gotten through asexual methods and are called suckers. 

Try as much as possible to buy the cultured hybrid Plantain suckers,which are usually disease free and produce higher yield.

Each sucker should cost between N150 - N200,for a start you should start off with planting up to one thousand suckers.  

Step 3:

A lot of people start planting at the onset of rain,before you start planting,make sure you set out plans to irrigate your plants before planting. 

Your plantain suckers should be 4-5 feet long. Keep a distance of about 8-10 feet before planting the next sucker. Make sure you avoid planting your suckers in a water logged soil,your soil should be slightly moist.

Step 4:

After planting the best practice is to follow up with the use of herbicide and insecticide, then apply your chicken waste.

Fertilizer is short-term solution meant to create a foundation for the plaintain to be rooted and move up.

The chicken waste is long term remedy for replenishing of nutrients in the soil,this must be done,if not the plantain growth and production will be severely affected.

Healthy plantain trees can grow up to 18 feet high,the taller the tree,the bigger the fruit.

Step 5:

Make sure you constantly weed your farm,also the application of fertilizers as stated before.

If you cannot afford laborers,make sure you visit your farm daily to inspect your plant. 

Other Facts About Plantain Farming In Nigeria That You Should Know 

  • 1. Your plantain trees will continue to give you money for about 3 - 5 years. 
  • 2. If you plant 60,000 suckers, you will be making about N800,000 every 7 days.
  • 3. Plantain business is very lucrative but needs a start up capital of about N500 - N2 Million Naira. 
  • 4. Within 8-10months your plantain should be ready to produce, and as one is getting matured for harvest, another one is replacing it.
  • 5. Harvesting of the plantain starts as soon as the plantain starts to ripen.
  • 6. Buyers of plantain are readily available.
  • 7. You can also export your harvested plantain to other countries.