Virtually, all the Satelite TV decoders nationwide and worldwide display a lot of errors over time. But with the help of their users, and their online testing unit, the various company’s have been able to provide subsequent answers and solutions.

DSTV is among the top most best rated Satellite Pay TV subscription in Nigeria, and other African and Asia countries. And a whole lot of tasks comes with a price, DSTV is also vulnerable to other questionable problems and errors.

Problems of DSTV after payment

And one of the problems that would we will tackle today, is how to reset your DSTV decoder after payment. I seriously came across this, after paying for my DSTV subscription online via Quickteller.
I paid for the DSTV Family that costs N3800, plus other necessary stuffs, it rounded up at N3900. And over 2hours, I was unable to watch any channel. I scanned, restart, removed the card, insert it back and nothing was working.
After I paid, all channels were showing three different notifications or messages. The first one was; “We are confirming your subscription, it may take few minutes, please visit, to clear errors”
And the second, “This channel is blocked, it may not be part of your subscription, please visit to clear errors’
Then the third one, was normal like all of them, bad weather, and so on and so forth. So I decided to try different method.

How to reset your DSTV after payment

After receiving various messages and notifications, I decided to try a lot of methods, on how I can clear and reset my DSTV after payment, without having the need to visit any third-party re-seller and following many other solutions.

How to reset DSTV after payment using SMS

It is quite simple and short. The use of SMS box to reset your DSTV after payment is efficient, after all, it was the SMS that worked for me! Just follow the below steps;
*. Switch on your phone, Smartphone or Feature phone, after that
*. Go to message box
*. Now send this “RE DSTV smartcard number” to 30333
*. Note that RE number is the number of your decoder
*. Example: RE 10505663*** to 30333
*. Accept the confirmation message and
*. You are done!
Note: I made use of the SIM that was used in renewing the subscription. But I think, you can make use of any SIM card.

How to reset DSTV after payment using remote

Here is another guideline that is effective, using your DSTV remote to reset DSTV after payment. But it is advisable to follow the below guidelines cautiously. Just follow the below steps;
*. Hold your DSTV remote controller
*. Now press “reset” and the standby buttons at once!
*. When the letters “DL” shows up on the display paneel,
*. Quickly press this button sequence: Standby, P+, P-, P+, Standby.
Note: You need to be fast!

How to reset DSTV after payment by Flash erase 8118

Here is another simple step to reset your DSTV after payment, you have to flash erase the 8118 error. It is one of the major flows and errors DSTV have ever experienced. Just follow the below steps;
*. On your front panel of the decoder
*. Simultaneously PRESS the “Reset” and “Standby” buttons
*. The letters “dL” will appear on the display panel
*. Once again, simultaneously PRESS AND HOLD the TV/Audio button and the “P+” button.
*. Now keep on holding until the word “done” appears on the display panel. The decoder will be reset. If you are still experiencing the 8118 problem, you can try the manual upgrade.

How to reset DSTV after payment Online in SA

Oh no, this only works for South Africa, after testing out the above steps, and it doesn’t work for you. Am sure, you need to go online. Here is the simple steps to reset DSTV after payment online. Just follow the below steps;
*. Launch your phone / PC browser
*. Go to DSTV self service portal HERE
*. Scroll down to Fix error area
*. In the menu drop down, ‘Select Error’ Mobile Reset
*. Enter your Smartcard Number
*. Enter your Surname
Note: Please remember to make sure that your Smartcard is inserted and your decoder is powered on when fixing errors using the online tool.
And it is expected within a short period of time for the error to disappear. Lets say, within 2minutes or so, the error is expected to reset.

How to reset DSTV after payment online in Nigeria

Unfortunately, the above step only works for South Africa, but this works perfectly for Nigeria. After testing out the above method and it doesn’t work for you, there is this option also that allows you to reset your DSTV after payment online in Nigeria.
*. Using your Smartphone / PC browser
*. Go to DSTV official website Portal
*. Enter your Smartcard number
*. Enter the captcha text code
*. And press the Fix error button
Thanks to heaven, you can now reset your DSTV after payment, you don’t have to visit any working experienced center. But after trying the above steps and nothing works out, you then have to replace your Capacitator. Probably, the capacitator is at fault.
Fixing the capacitator requires an expert, consult your technician, anyways, there are few youtube videos that may help but only when your DSTV is out of warranty.
Note: Opening the decoder and replacing the capacitator, automatically voids your warranty!