"Should I cash out now abi make I wait make all my games green?"
This is one of the most recurring questions in the mind of every punter. Cashing out in bet means withdrawing your money (winnings) before the end of a betting event.

The amount of money a punter gets may be higher or lower than the amount staked, depending on the time that the cash out has been made.  
Punters are pushed to cashing out when they are in doubt of the success of the ticket, most especially when the amount available for cash out is reasonable enough for the punter. Cash Out offers are made in real time on your current bets, based on live market prices. However, a cash-out offer may be suspended if the probability of the bet being successful changes whether for good or for bad

Cash Out When:
  ⦁    The probability of the success of the ticket is low
⦁    The other remaining selections are the ones you risked to play
⦁    You are unsure that a playmaker will feature in one of the remaining games
⦁    You have a more reasonable selection you want to play but the available balance in your bet wallet is not enough to stake
⦁    When you have an emergency financial need and the money available for cash out can be used to solve your immediate financial needs
Note that; cashing out means you will not get your intended winning amount. Most times, playing safe is the best! Other times it's better to risk it. If you lose, you will learn. If you win, you will be happy.
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