Maintaining a positive attitude is important when relating to customers. Being positive towards customers is a state of the mind and it is such that requires understanding and patience.

Below are a few tips that will help you positively influence customers.

1- Having a clear mind: Staying positive is a thing of the mind, at such identify what keeps you calm and make it a daily ritual. For me, in the morning when I wake I do tune-up to listen to good music and I whistle along as I get prepared for work. Discover what gives you the morning positive energy. Whatever it is should give you a positive frame of mind to start with.

2- The use of positive language: A clear mind will often brew the right polite language because at this point your mind is positive and getting a negative feedback from a customer spotting every loop in the service you render due to the customer not using the service properly will meet a calm, reassuring and accommodating response from you.

3- Deliver more than you promise: When you exceed your customer’s expectations, they love it. We tell brands to not just aim at query resolution but should also look out for opportunities beyond this. In other words, you can provide them with a free upgrade or webinar or whatever you find convenient. This will help boost the number of satisfied customers and create a positive attitude in your customer service.

4- Be considerate: This is more like putting yourself in the shoes of your customers, that is seeing from their own perspective. Doing this helps you know what your customer challenges are and also to know what solution is best to recommend.

5- Taking the shot:   When it comes to customer services this is one vital area every customer service representative must consider important, in the cause of attending to the queries of customers you would receive negative feedback from some of the customers. As customer service personnel, you should handle such negative feedback tactically with positive reassuring responses, don’t be caught off-guard by negative feedbacks.

6- Be genuine and prompt: This is a form of being sincere and spontaneous, maybe a customer called in to make a complaint about a product he procured from your company, it is important to note that if you readily don’t have enough knowledge to properly help the customer out it is best you refer the customer to someone who you know can, this is sincerity and genuine. Timing is important, you should also be able to deliver on the customer request within a short space of time.

A true customer service personnel is always available to help.