When it comes to savings, you should consider the best options offered by Nigerian banks.you have to understand what savings account is and how it can help you earn a great interest on your money.
There are many different types of accounts you can use:
  • Call deposit
  • Fixed deposit
  • High-interest deposit.
It is smart to choose the high-interest savings option that pays interest to you. Such accounts offer the flexibility you’ll love. You can perform the following actions without worrying about losing your interest:
  • Withdraw cash when you need it
  • Make online payments
  • Enjoy different services that do not affect your savings account.
Savings accounts allow bank customers keep their money in the bank and earn several percents per year on top of the original amount.

Factor to examine when looking for high interest savings account
If this is your first time looking for a high-interest savings account, skipping through these options can be dangerous. When you choose a bank, you’ll want to know a few things:
  • How much you have to deposit in your account.
  • The startup cost for opening an account
  • How much APY[annul percentage per year] the bank is paying
  • Any monthly maintenance fees
  • The minimum you need to keep in your account to get the best rates
  • How long it will take to transfer your funds to another account
  • What to expect from customer service
  • find banks with high interest rate in Nigeria.
Note: The interest rates these banks are paying is as of the time of this writing. Please search for “[bank name]” + “savings interest rate” to get up-to-date rates or contact the bank you are interested in and make updated enquires
Although, Savings account offers you interest rates on your deposits with 2% being the minimum interest rates and 6% the highest interest rate a bank offers.
Now let look at 5 banks that offers high interest rates to their customers:

1.Diamond HIDA 2-6%
This financial institution has an interesting proposition called High Interest Deposit Account. If you planning to save for a special project like a wedding, buying a house or investing in a business or are you simply looking to keep away some funds for rainy days? HIDA is a special deposit account that will perfectly suit your goals and at the same time offer full credit interest on your savings. Simply put, the more you save, the more interest you earn on your deposits.For those who have not mastered the art of saving money, Diamond HIDA is a great way to start because the account does not come with a debit card so you will not be tempted to make unnecessary withdrawals. You can also enjoy 2 free withdrawals and still maintain credit interest on available balance. Below are a breakdown of interest rate earned on available balance
Less than N 100,000: 2% interest rate per Annum.
N 100,000 and N 999,999: 4.5% per annum
N 1,000,000 and N 4,999,999:5% per annum
N 5 million and above: 6.0% per annum

2.Savings Account DiamondXtra
The HIDA option offered by Diamond bank is not suitable for all Nigerians. Those of you who need a savings account with a small amount of money at the beginning can look at the DiamondXtra savings account that starts with just 1,000 Naira.
As one of the top banks in Nigeria, Diamond bank allows all interested individuals to earn interest on their saving accounts. Here are the main benefits of this offer:
An account can be opened with only 1,000 Naira on it.
There is no minimum amount you’ll have to keep on the account.
The card you’ll get is free to use at all local ATMs.
You are allowed making 3 free withdrawals within a month.
One odd fact about diamondxtra, you loose your interest onces you make 4 withdrawals in the same month.

3.Zenith Bank Account
Depending on your expectations or what suits your needs, Zenith bank offers savings account packages to suit your goals
Individual savings account: if you have a specific goal to meet up with or simply want to start setting money aside, this account is recommended for you. No money is required to open this account and you are offered interests on your fund whatever your goal for opening this account may be. You get emails or SMS alerts or even both, a debit card, master card or visa card
EazySaveClassic Account: this is specially designed for individuals with minimal forms of identification/ it has a zero account opening balance, maximum single deposit N 50,000 maximum cumulative account balance N300,000

4.GTMax Savings Account 2-3%
GTbank offers an option called GTMax. It is an account that allows Nigerians save their money and earn some interest that depends on the amount of their current funds. This savings possibility is not available to everyone because there is a minimum amount required for opening and maintaining your account.
GTMax offers these interest rates per year:
2 percent – account is opened with at least 150,000 Naira
2.75 percent – you need the minimum of 500,000 Naira to earn this interest
3 percent – for people who have at least 1 million Naira to save
All three options require a minimum balance of 100,000-500,000 Naira depending on the account type and percentage earned per annum.
The account can be interesting to businesspersons and companies who need to save money and multiply them. The good thing is that the interest can be earned as long as the minimum balance is preserved. Besides, you are allowed making only up to 5 withdrawals per month, otherwise, you’ll have to pay the fee of 2 Naira per each transaction made during the month.

5.Savings at FCMB premiun account -3.3%
Do you prefer using the First City Monument Bank? It also has a savings option for customers who need to save their money for something important or make the funds working and earning some interest. Learn more about the Premium Savings option offered here.
While the financial organization doesn’t require you to keep a minimum amount on your account you still have to add at least 100,000 Naira in order to open your savings account. Still, if you wish to earn the biggest annual interest rate (it is 3.3 percent) you need to make sure your average balance per day is at least 100,000 Naira. If the balance becomes lower than, your earnings will reduce significantly.
Just like many similar savings options, you can’t make more than 3 withdrawals per month or you will lose your monthly interest earning.
In conclusion, it is smart to save in high interest savings account because your savings capacity and interest generated determines the level of your success.