In this post we will be discussing about how you can forecast Nigeria lotto and be able to win as often as you can. It requires much calculations and commitments, and if you are sure you want to learn how to forecast lotto games, you must continue reading to get full knowledge of the forecasting techniques.

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In lotto game, it is either you win or you lose: no win-win situation. The Nigerian lotto is one of the games that you can play but winning is uncertain just like it is with other games.
However, you will come to understand Nigeria lotto better if you can follow the information in this post. You will learn how to predict possible winning numbers using lotto past results to determine what number that might be coming next.
In lotto forecasting, you need to predict or estimate about the future events and numbers, meaning that you have to predict possible next coming numbers. But how do you do that? The step-by-step guide will help you to forecast Nigeria lotto in order to win, and not to lose your hard-earned money.

Steps You Can Take to Forecast Nigeria Lotto and Win

Before you can be good at lotto forecasting, you must know the basic system of lotto forecasting which includes:

1. Key Position Numbers

Key positioning numbers forecasting plan is for superior lotto forecasters in view of the fact that they have to wait patiently for the day of maturation. A learner will not find this plan easy because it involves monitoring of key position numbers.
A Break Down of the Point
Some forecasters have already gotten a great number of lotto keys. This plan is partially similar to Lerping (linear) position but differs from it.
The key position numbers plan works just like when you see 78-58 in winning count 3 weeks, 4 weeks, 5 weeks or more to see if it provides one number or more ads.
The only way to find out is when you discover the same 78-58 in winning in various games and two of them provides the same number. That’s just how to find the key.
You can further look for two numbers that are on top of each other, counting it till the game day to see if it provides another number.

2. Lerping (Linear) Position

How numbers are positioned is one of the most essential parts of lotto forecasting, but in this portion, you expect to see how numbers are positioned basically 2 centre box (CB) numbers on top of each other — 2 First Box (FB) number or 2 Last Box (LB) numbers on top of each other.
A Break Down of the Point
WIN: 84-33-85-53-34, MACH: 73-79-13-65-11 played on 28th March 2017
WIN: 24-01-21-39-61, MACH: 46-49-12-06-15 played on 4th April 2017
The above figures are Ghana Lucky G last 2 weeks results. If you use manual hand written board or lotto charts, it will look like the above results.
If you are forecasting for Lucky G next work then you need to look for where you can see 84 on top of 24 first box winning two various places. Check whether they played one particular number and if they did, then you have one bank that might come.
Other steps include checking whether you can see 85 on top of 21 which is the centre box winning numbers or where 34 is on top of 61 which are the last box winning numbers.
You can go on to look for any position apart from the example above — it doesn’t matter whether the position is going up or down.

3. Winning and Machine Positioning

Sometimes, winning numbers and machine numbers work together making updating lotto winning and machine results necessary for lotto forecasters to make use of them when forecasting.
A Break Down of the Point
Anytime you see something like 20 in the first box winning and 67-34 in centre box machine, you need to look either at your lotto forecasting chart or results board to see whether you can see the same position in two places. You might get idea of what such position did.

4. Counting Weeks Position Numbers

To be sensitive to lotto counting week’s numbers, you should begin by counting to observe if you can see a number that usually comes every 3 weeks, 4 weeks, 5 weeks or more.
A Break Down of the Point
To count Midweek that will be playing today, start from today and count three weeks two times. If a number keeps appearing every three weeks and today makes it another three weeks, you should pick the number because it might be among the winning numbers.
It doesn’t matter if the number you are counting entered machine number or winning side: they are the same. Sometimes, the number appears in the machine to make it difficult for you to locate.

5. Numbers Positioning, 2 close numbers, pole to pole

In this lotto forecasting plan, you are required to look for the same position to be able to come across the hidden lotto winning numbers.

A Break Down of the Point
The Ghana Lucky G last 2 weeks results can be used to illustrate this forecasting plan:
WIN: 84-33-85-53-34, MACH: 73-79-13-65-11 played on 28th March 2017
WIN: 24-01-21-39-61, MACH: 46-49-12-06-15 played on 4th April 2017
Following the results above, when forecasting you need to look for a similar game that played 24-01 or 39-61 position and look for a more similar position in every other chart or board to see after playing that number the next number they generally bring.
In lucky G last results, 24 and 61 are pole to pole position and if you can find it then you might find a reliable banker.

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To know if a position number you are working on is going up or down, check previous results to see if they have played any number before the position you saw and if you don’t see  then expand the search for more weeks to see if you will see their starting point.