As we all know we are at the end of the season, so is not advisable for punters to stake on sport bet...but at start of the coming season there will be more than enough football games for fans to enjoy. From Champions League, Europa League games, international friendlies and cup games, it’s one of the best times to make money from your love for the beautiful game. Because there will be a lot of games, it’s the perfect time to make some extra cash by making correct predictions in select football betting markets.

Football betting can be many things, one of them being an extra source of income – or it could burn a hole in your pocket. To ensure that it’s more of the former than the latter to you, it goes way beyond your knowledge about the teams you want to add to your bet slip or accumulator.
So what helpful pointers are there to help you win more of your bets?

Don’t let the odds throw you off.
It’s essential that you don’t miss out on taking advantage of the opportunities because of how the odds look.
Here’s how it works: the odds assigned to a game can be so large that it may make you doubt whether to select the game or event in question because the higher the odd, the more unlikely it is to happen.
But one way to scale this hurdle is to be certain of your predictions. If the odds for a certain team to win is high, the doubts may set in. And this may lead to you making another move which may make you lose your money.  The rule is simple: if you’re sure about the risk, forget the odds and put your money where your mouth is.

Don’t play with what you can’t afford to lose
This is another basic rule for betting.
If you’re serious about making some extra cash from your betting business, it is important that you set aside a certain part of your money to invest it in. Apart from avoiding unbearable losses, it helps you to take risks or make picks without restraints.
There’ll be a huge difference between a bettor who uses his salary for the month to play a game and a bettor who takes out x% of his/her salary to place bets. Both will think about their capital differently, something which will influence their bets in different ways than meets the eye.

Don’t depend too heavily on prediction sites
Making football predictions will be extremely difficult without prediction websites. Good luck trying to find the statistics of the last 10 games in the Venezuelan league without a prediction site!
But you should not overly depend on them, especially their predictions. Learn how to make sense of the numbers they’re showing you and make your own deductions. Some of these sites don’t all have the information. Besides, by now you already know that anything is possible in football.
At the end of the day, whether you’re right or wrong, you will know it was all you, not some computational analysis someone somewhere made.

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