As we all knows that facebook is the most popular social media to advertise with a good target place.
So facebook offers numbers of different method to make payment for their ADS.

Im Teaching you how to pay for your facebook ads using paypal method.
PayPal is the best option for many marketers, particularly marketers located outside of the United States.

 Direct PayPal
With this method, you can easily link your papay to your facebook Ads for payment.
  1. Make sure that your browser will accept a pop-up from Facebook and PayPal. You can go into your Internet options and disable your pop-up blocker, or you can just watch for the bar that appears when your browser has blocked a pop-up and tell it to enable it.
  2. Go to your ads manager. If you don’t know where that is, just click this link.
  3. In the ads manager, click “billing” and then click “payment methods.” This will bring you to a section where you can add or remove existing payment methods.
  4. Click to add a payment method. This option is found in the top right of the screen. One of the options will be to choose PayPal.
  5. Click to continue. This will generate a pop-up with a PayPal authorization window. You will need to input your login information through this window to authorize Facebook to draw from your PayPal account to pay for advertising.
This isn’t necessarily always the best option, unfortunately. PayPal occasionally has issues with Facebook, and while you might be able to get things sorted out quickly, you can lose some money in the process. Another problem is that using PayPal alone means you’re going to have another account for bookkeeping, unless you use another method that lets you use PayPal for other expenses.
One of the most prominent issues, though, is that Facebook restricts the currencies it will accept as payment for Facebook ads. The list is pretty long and includes most major currencies, including the Dollar, the Peso, the Dirham, the Rouble, the Koruna, the Euro and the Yuan. What happens, though, if your currency isn’t accepted?
If that’s the case, you will need to use PayPal to convert your currency into a currency Facebook accepts. This is relatively easy through PayPal, but it comes with a fee attached. This is unacceptable when we’re talking about Facebook ads. When you’re fishing for pennies in your ads, optimizing them to spend a few cents less per click, you can’t afford to throw percentage points away on currency conversion.