In solving the problem of students not been able to pay their fees on time due to one reason or the other, maybe some people were not able to access a computer operation centre due to the location they have found themselves.

The good news is that fees are payable on your own without much effort or cost, what is required for this process is your smart phone and data.

The following steps are ways in which students can pay their fees using their smart phone:

1. Open any browser on smart phone.
2. Type the URL of the Logos State University website -
3. Scroll down to the last point: student service.
4. Click on payment service under the student service.
5. Click on school fees payment.
6. When the next page appears, input your matriculation number, click on the box allotted for application type toselect a payment option, e.g- undergraduate.
7. When the next page appears, click on proceed/continue. Then a payment ID will come up(copy it out and proceed to quick teller).
8. Input your ATM card and contact details to which an OTP code will be sent and click on PAY below on the page.
9. Input the OTP code and continued then a successful payment notification will appear.

Once the above has been done and the fees is successfully paid, you can now go to any computer center at your your convenience to print out your transaction slip.