There are days when you wish you could access fast and easy loans to take care of that urgent financial need. That wish has come true!
Etisalat Nigeria in partnership with Support Microfinance Bank has introduced KwikCash another innovative solution to meet the loan needs of Etisalat Subscribers.
With KwikCash, you can access loans of up to N100, 000 just by dialling *561# with your Etisalat line and get credited in minutes.
Follow these 5 easy steps to use KwikCash:
  • Step 1: Dial *561#
  • Step 2: Follow the USSD menu to ‘’Request Loan’’
  • Step 3: Select preferred loan offer
  • Step 4: Select bank and input your 10-digit NUBAN
  • Step 5: Confirm repayment amount and accept terms and conditions.
To repay your KwikCash loan, it’s as simple as:
  • Repay Step 1: Dial *561#
  • Repay step 2: Follow the USSD menu to ‘’Pay Loan’’
  • Repay step 3: Select preferred payment option
  • Repay step 4: Follow the instructions accordingly
  • Repay step 5: Repayment is immediately processed
Mtn kwikcash is a service that allows Mtn  customers to collect short-term  loan from Mtn, using Mtn kwikcash Code.
Mtn kwikcash is the same thing as Mtn Xtracash , it allow Mtn subscribers to borrow Money  from Mtn. The value is 5000 naira or 10000 naira as  of the time of this writing. Maybe in the future the may increase the amount you can borrow.

Mtn kwikcash Code

To access  Mtn kwikcash, dial Mtn kwikcash Code  USSD *606#  on your mobile phone.  You will be prompted with Mtn Xtratime screen, and from there you select Xtracash to Access kwikcash.

How to qualify for Mtn kwikcash

To qualify for Mtn kwikcash, you need to Open  Mtn Diamond Yello Account.  Mtn kwikcash service is only available to subscribers who have Diamond Yello Account with diamond bank.
It partnered with diamond bank to provide instant quick loan facility throught it’s kwikcash programe. Mtn quick cash is bundled  with Mtn Xtratime and Xtrabyte.

How to Open Mtn Diamond Yello Account

Mtn Diamond Yello  Account can be opened by dialing USSD Code  *710# and follow the prompt.
Dial *710# on your phone to open a prompt. click yes and Continue with the account Opening.  Diamond yello account is powered by Diamond bank, in partnership with Mtn.

Mtn kwikcash Loan

It is not often easy to Procure a loan for your project. This might be a gruesome feat and some time unsuccessful. The current economic situation of the country makes it hard to get small loan from friends or family at a short notice.
Mtn Kwikcash loan makes it easy to get loan within 60 seconds without collateral.  it cannot be compared to  a financial institution like banks or credit facilities.  In Banks you will be ask to fill in some paper work and provide collateral with high interest rate, before loan is secured.
In solving this financial stress of getting loan without the need of visiting the bank, Mtn  introduced  a quick simple way to obtain loan. This service is called Mtn KwikCash loan.

The terms and conditions to this service require that:
  • You will pay back your borrowed loan within 14 days, meaning that any received loan must be returned within the time period
  • You should allow access to your personal data to determine loan offers status; meaning you will consent to KwikCash analysing your personal data to determine your eligibility.