The power sector in Nigeria has metamorphosed over the
years,from the use of the popular NEPA paper bills to the use of prepaid meter.

Customers all over Nigeria can now walk into any accredited disco outlet to buy credit unit.

The prepaid meter is normally fixed by the power company for billing purposes.
This post contain simple steps that you can use to buy and recharge your prepaid meter in Nigeria.

How To Buy & Recharge Your Prepaid Meter

Q: How To Buy/Recharge Prepaid Meter Power Credit?

  • (a) Go to any Disco Office close to you with your meter card.
  • (b) Your meter number and details are contained in the card.
  • (c) Present your card to the agent at the office,tell her or her how much you want unit you want to buy.
  • (d) The agent will credit your card,you would be provided with a 20 digit code along with your receipt.
  • (e) The 20 Digit is the recharge code to be entered through the Keyboard when you arrive at your apartment.

Q: How To Recharge Your Prepaid Meter Power?
  • (a) Make sure that the control box is connected to a power source,ensure that there is no power outage before proceeding to recharge,some meeter boxes have provision for batteries in case of power failure.
  • (b) Enter the 20 digit recharge code for activation. The codes will be displayed on the screen as you type in the digits.
  • (c) You can cancel the process if the token is incorrect or mistakenly typed by pressing the Red Button.
  • (d) After typing in the code,press the green button to activate the code and recharge.
  • (e) If the process was successful,the LCD Screen will display ''ACCEPT'',if it want not successful it will display ''REJECT''.

Q: How To Check Your Meter Number?

To check your meter number follow the steps below:-
  • Step 1: Press 65
  • Step 2: Press the blue button
  • Step 3: Your 11 digit meter number will be displayed on the screen.

Q: How To Check Your Meter Balance?
  • Step 1: PRESS ''07'' on the keypad
  • Step 2: The available balance will be displayed in this format (102.12) on the screen.