Due to Overwhelmed request from our Successful Users AYOKOLA'S has Created It's VIP WHATSAPP SECTION for SURE Daily  1.50-3 ODDS. 
In The VIP SECTION We Provide SURE & ACCURATE Winning Tips of 1.50-3 ODDS Daily.
NB: AYOKOLA'S VIP WHATSAPP SECTION is not for those who trade on sport betting with greediness. But for those who are willing to follow our Winning Strategies Always.
 We Offer SURE and SAFE ODDS Daily In the VIP SECTION.

Break down of Our VIP odds Profits

Let us assume you're staking #10,000 on each odds

1.50 odds

Staking #10,000 daily on our 1.50 odds means you're spending a total of #70,000 a week on staking those games
Since it's 100% success rate you're going to be winning #15,000 daily
At the end of the week you'll have a total #105,000, which means you're profit for the 1.50 odds in a week is(#105,000 - #70,000) #35,000 and that's a very nice profit for a week.

2 Odds

Staking #10,000 daily on our 2 odds means you're spending a total of #70,000 a week on the 2 odds games
With a guaranteed 5 wins a week means at the end of the week #120,000 would be left on the account
Your Profit for a week on the 2 odds stake would be (#100,000 - #70,000) #30,000

In 2 days we have made a profit of #10,000. In 7 days lets say we lost 1 or 2 of our tickets which we sincerely know it hardly happens in the VIP SECTION 
We will still have #40,000 profit for that week. The Most Important thing is that we must make Enough profit at the end of Every week GUARANTEED!
If you take this as a serious investment and follow our winning strategies you will be earning between #160,000 - #200,000 monthly or More Depending on how much you start trading with.

is not for Everyone. It's for our Serious Users who are ready to Follow our winning strategies and Achieve Success Together with us.

 How do i Subscribe to VIP SECTION? 

In other to serve our Dear Users to the very best

We offer: 
1 Month VIP Subscription: 8,000 NGN (2odds)

1 Month VIP Subscription: 5,000 NGN (1.50odds)

We Guarantee 6/7 WEEKLY WINNINGS. 

(We Accept payments through BANK DEPOSIT, ATM / ONLINE TRANSFER


The Subscription Fee might increase Anytime. 
Interested Readers that are ready to Invest and achieve success together with us should contact the Admin Through WHATSAPP  
Phone: +2348133749636

The Admin Will give you details on how to make your payments and on completion of your Subscription payments you will be Added to AYOKOLA'S VIPs WHATSAPP SECTION Immediately and Start Receiving our Vip Guaranteed Winning Tips Daily. 

NB: For our Readers who are interested in Subscribing but don't have WhatsApp, we will be sending our Vip tips through your email or text message. 
Best Regards
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