In every game, there are 9 possible outcomes in HT/FT.
Now, the scammer will post on whatsapp th at: I HAVE FIXED MATCH, PAY AFTER WIN. INBOX ME FOR DETAILS.
e.g Manchester Utd vs Tottenham
The people that will inbox him will get the following games:
1st person    1/1= 3.80 odds
2nd person   1/X= 15  odds
3rd person    1/2= 40  odds
4th person    X/1= 6  odds
5th person    X/X= 4.65  odds
6th person     X/2=  7.9  odds
7th person     2/1 = 32 odds
8th person     2/X=  15 odds
9th person     2/2 =  5.40 odds

The scammer will tell all of them to stake big money and pay him at least N7000 AFTER WINNING.
One of the above 9 options must definitely workout. So if for example I am given the smallest option which is 1/1 and it has 3.80 odds and I stake like N5000.
N5000  3.80 odds = N19000.
 After the match, the scammer will call me and ask for his N7000. I will be happy to pay him because I made N19000. I will still be left with N12000 profit. But the other 8 people who got different options from me WILL LOOSE THEIR BETS.

The scammer will now tell the person that won, that the next game is PAY BEFORE AND NOT AFTER WINNING  because he has proved to him that he has fixed games. When you pay money and you are not lucky, you will get a wrong option and loose, if you complain, the scammer will block you on whatsapp.

Imagine a scammer making N7000 everyday. Fixed matches don't come every day. But you see these scammers having matches everyday. BE WISE.
Before now we use to prefer those that say PAY AFTER, but you can now see that even Scammers are taking advantage of that.