A lot of people ask questions such as ''how do I change
my name after marriage? Or am tired of bearing this old name I want to change and answer a new name?  

Is changing of one's name in Nigeria a stressful process? What are the facts about name changing?
After marriage, you can decide to change your name to your husband's name,or as an individual you can decide to change your name to any new name of your choice, the process is actually very easy. 
After marriage,a lot of Nigerian women are worried about how to change their names to their husbands name and also how to manage the stress of changing the names on some vital documents such as International passports,driver's license,credit cards Etc. 

In this post we will show you how you can easily change your name to your husbands name or to another name of your choice,all you have to do is to follow the two steps quick guide below.  

How To Change Your Name In Nigeria > Step By Step Quick Guide

Step 1:

Make sure that you are in possession of your wedding certificate (if your married) as this will go a long way in helping you to change your name. 
Generally you should make available some documents such as a signed and sworn affidavit from a court and a cutting from a newspaper with a message about your name change. 
You can simply walk into any office of one of the daily newspaper companies in Nigeria (The Sun,Punch,Vanguard Etc) and make inquiries,this will cost you between N3,000 -N5,000 while the affidavit can be sworn in any high court near your area. 
You should also know that every Nigerian has the right to change his/her name,however the person has to be over 18 years old. 

Step 2: 

After following the instructions in step 1,the next step is to inform all the relevant people in your life about the name change,you might consider informing your bank,place of work,school etc.
In most cases when you want to effect the change of name in an international passport or your bank account,you will be required to show some documents such as your marriage certificate or a sworn affidavit which serves as a legal document to back up your claim. 
Listed above is how you can easily change your name in Nigeria,the whole process shouldn't cost you more than ten thousand Naira.