We all have habits but there are some there are some habits which are detrimental to our everyday life.

As we have these habits in our daily lives, it also appears in our finances.
Some spending habit can literally ruin lives in the long-run.
Here are seven bad spending habits you need to break free from
1. Spending more than you earn
This is one habit you should drop. If you keep spending consistently much more than you make is an open door to welcome debts

Spend within your range, find a way to spend less or find a way to earn more so you can spend more.
2. Spending on impulse
Spending without thinking twice and just buying everything you see that you necessarily don't need.
Before going on that shopping spree you didn't plan at all, sleep on it and ask yourself if you really need it.
3. Using another bank's ATM
You might think using the nearest automated teller machine is faster for quick transaction because you don't have the precious time to waste by going to your bank's atm.
Sorry to burst your bubble. A certain charge is removed from your account on every transaction carried out on another bank's atm. It might look so little an amount but when cumulated, it eats a lot of your earning.
4. Spending out of your savings
Having a savings is mostly for dedicated to a project you are planning to embark upon. But now dipping into the savings is really not the best, because the project won't even commence.
So you should have a re-think if you spend our of your savings.
5. Paying for unused service
There are so many unused services we don't really use that we pay for. A common service people leave unused is a gym membership.  Even if it is unused, you still keep paying for membership fees monthly. 
Find out the services you don't use and unsubscribe to it.
6. Having no budget
Another bad spending habit is not having a budget. A budget helps in controlling and having an idea of how much to spend for a given period.
So not having a budget promotes reckless spending. Create a budget to help and control your expenses.
7. Making late payments
Making late payments can increase your debt score, which can affect borrowing of money for other purposes, probably you want to get a new car or home.
It is a bad habit to pay for things late. Try to set up an automatic payment for fixed cost like cable bills or internet bills, also set a reminder for bills that can't be paid for online.
Credit : pulse.ng