Do you know about World’s top 10 Most Expensive Mobile Phones in 2017?

If you really want to know about The world top 10 Most expensive mobile phones So, you’re here right place because in this article I’m going to tell you About world’s top 10 most expensive mobile phones.

Most Expensive Mobile Phones

Who Most Expensive mobile phones I’d like to share with you Those are made only for king’s, CEO, and President because these phones are extra expensive phones anyone can’t afford those phones Let’s Start with top 10 phones list.

1. Diamond Rose iPhone 32 GB

The Diamond Rose iPhone 32 GB, was come with most expensive price This is the world’s most Expensive phone in 2017. Because the phone made through very precious diamonds. The Diamond Rose iPhone 32 GB made by Apple Company.
Then It make expensive attaching 500 Pink color diamonds if you’re confusing to think about this phone what is the benefits of using this phone So, listen this is a simple apple smartphone it doesn’t have any extra advance features It’s work same like iPhone 4s But the main reason behind the phone expensive this phone attached 500 pink color diamonds That’s why this is the Most expensive phone.

Diamond rose Back cover has Apple icon, design with “53” precious Diamonds and front navigation button design also with Diamonds.
The diamond rose design by Stuart Hughes, with his hands, he decorated this phone with 500 pink color diamonds. The diamond rose starting price is The US $ 82,00,000 If you count this phone Price in Euro currency So the Diamond Rose iPhone (32 GB) Price is € 75,5,370.
  • Price in India: 52,190,1000.
  • PKR Price is: 86,001,6000.
  • United Arab Emirates Dirham: 30,11,859.
Let’s know About this phone features and specifications The diamond rose come with the 3.5 inches touchscreen display with 640 × 960 pixels resolution The Diamond rose 32 GB screen protection Corning Gorilla Glass, Oleophobic.
Diamond Rose built-in memory 32 GB, 8 megapixels primary Camera with Led flashlight and 2 megapixels secondary camera, this phone runs OS iOS 4.0.
Color Black
Wieght 140 g (4.94 oz)
Memory 32 GB, 512 MB RAM
Dispaly 3.5 inches
Camera 8 MP Back  And Front 2 MP
Software IOS 4.0
Price US $ $82,00,000

2. Gold Sticker iPhone 3G 32 GB.

Now I’m going to share with you the world second most expensive phone The Gold Sticker iPhone 3G 32 GB. It was launched in 2009 with the latest 3g feature. The Gold sticker iPhone 3g screen display 3.5 inches with 320 × 480 pixels resolution the phone screen protection Corning Gorilla Glass Oleophobic Coating.
Gold sticker iPhone 32 GB (3G) starting Price US $ 32,00,000 If you count This Expensive phone price in Euro So, this phone Price is € 29,47,787.
  • Price in India: INR. 208,239,923.
  • PKR Price: RS. 335,280,000.
  • United Arab Emirates: 117,53,599.
The completely covered through precious Diamond, The phone make extra expensive with there are 136 Diamonds 271 grams weight. Now the second reason behind this phone expensive it’s made through Pure 22 karat Kashmir Gold.
Phone navigation Home button made with 7.1 karat Diamond. Below line has all Specifications in a table.
Weight 15 g (4.76 oz)
Memory 8/16/32, 256 MB RAM
Display 3.5 Inches
320 × 480 pixel
Camera Back Camera 3 MP
Platform iOS 3 Upgradable iOS 4.2.1
Ram 256 MB
Sim Type Mini-SIM
Price US $32,00,000

3. Kings Button iPhone 3G.

The Kings Button iPhone 3G 3rd Position in the Top 10 Most expensive phones in the world.
The smartphone screen protection Corning Gorilla Glass oleophobic coating and touchscreen display 3.5 inches with resolution 320 × 480 pixels.
The smartphone starting price in United street Of America Us $ 2.5 million If you count Kings button 3G price in euro So, Price is € 23,03,300.
  • Price in India: 162,687,440.
  • PKR Price: 262,062,500.
  • United Arab Emirates Dirham: 91,82,500.
Body covered with 138 precious Diamonds. Navigation home button made With 6.6 karats beautiful white Diamond. Phone battery non-removable Li-on talk time up to 12 h (2g) and (3g) 5 h stand by up to 300 h (3g).
I hope the information helpful for you for know about The World most expensive phone Gold sticker iPhone 32 GB For more information can follow Wikipedia.
Color Black
Wieght 140 g (4.94 oz)
Memory 32 GB, 512 MB RAM
Dispaly 3.5 inches
Camera 8 MP Back And Front 2 MP
Software IOS 4.0
Price US $ $25,00,000

4. Goldvish Le Million.


Goldvish Le Million the world’s 4th most Expensive phone. The phone design by Emmanuel Gueit, Goldvish Le Million released in the Swaziland.
Goldvish Le Million was starting price is the US $ 1.3 Million And € 11,96,950. More price info follows below lines.
  • Price in India: 846,36,000.
  • PKR Price: 138,180,000.
  • United Arab Emirates Dirham: 47,74,1000.
This Phone Also awarded by most expensive phones in France September 2006. Gold Vish Le million Made through 18k White Gold & 20 karats white Diamonds.
This phone available two different colors First is Golden and second White Color. For More information follow their Official website:
Color Golden, White
Wieght 198 G
Memory 2 GB
Display 3.5 inches
Camera Primary 2 MP
Software N/a
Price US $1.3 Million

5. Vertu Signature Cobra.

Most Expensive Mobile Phones
The Vertu Signature Cobra 5th most Expensive Phone in the World, This phone best thing is Vertu signature Cobra phone side aria covered through Cobra Snack design.
This phone weight 166 g Vertu Signature available there are two different colors First is Golden And the second is a white color.
The Smartphone starting price is the Us $ 3,10,000 And this Price in € 28,5456.
  • PKR Price: 324,80,250.
  • Price in India: 201,73,250.
  • United Arab Emirates Dirham: 11,38,629.
Vertu signature design with 22 karat Gold. It’s available five different Design Like Cobra Signature, Python and Fri kin.
This phone is looking not bad, Can also visit Vertu phones official website here:
Color Golden, White
Wieght 166 g
Memory 4 GB
Display 2 inches
Camera N/A
Announce date October 2008
Price US $ 310,000

6. Black Diamond VIPN Smartphone.

Most Expensive Mobile Phones
Sony Ericsson is world’s six No Most Expensive Mobile phone. It has Advance future like Camera, WiFi, SD card slot, The phone made in Singapore Malaysia.
The first LED Technology in The world. This phone Decorated with two Diamonds first used in the phone body, and second used in Navigation buttons.
The black diamond VIPN mobile phone Price is 3 million US Doller, and euro price is 27,62,990.
  • Price in India: 192,526,506.
  • PKR Price: 314,324,7204.
  • United Arab Emirates Dirham: 110,187,000.
This is the best Windows Phone the phone come with the 400 MHz processor and 166 Grams weight.
You can see more information about this smartphone below table of content and follow Wikipedia link: Wikipedia
Color Black
Wieght 166 g
Memory N/A
Display 2 inches
Software Windows Phone
Processor 400 Mhz
Price US $ 300,000

7. iPhone Princess Plus.

Most Expensive Mobile Phones
The iPhone Princess Plus 7th best most expensive Mobile Phones in the world, if you have a lot of money for spending expensive phones So, this smartphone Good you. You should buy this Phone.
iPhone Princes plus the price is Us $ 1,70,000 The phone price in € 15,6573 for more currencies Price below lines.
  • Price in India: 11,06,2750.
  • PKR Price: 178,11,750.
  • United Arab Emirates Dirham: 62,4393.
Because it has built-in memory 32GB and software iOS, weight 166 g, and The iPhone princess plus color is Black. The Expensive Phone designed by Peter Allison.
This phone was made through 318 White Diamond. This is the right angle shape The phone it completely covered 17.75 karat Diamonds.
Color Black
Wieght 166 Grams
Memory 32 GB
Display 4.3
Software IOS
Processor 400 Mhz
Price US $170,400

8. Vertu Signature Diamond.

Most Expensive Mobile Phones
Vertu Signature Diamond is also best most expensive phone in my opinion. Because this phone looking stunning and straightforward, I like this phone.
This Expensive phone price is the US $ 88,000 If you convert this phone price in Euro The Vertu Signature Price is € 81,058.
  • Price in India: 56,47,444.
  • PKR Price: 922,0200.
  • United Arab Emirates Dirham: 32,32,15.
This phone best thing is this is the Diamond phone, And Vertu Signature weight is 166 Grams.
This phone Design by “Pretty Fancy” through 200 precious Diamonds. This world most Expensive mobile phone price is the US $ 88,000.
Color Black
Wieght 166 g
Memory 100 SMS, 1000 phone book memory
Camera N/A
Software N/A
Anounced 2005
Price US $88,000

9. Diamond Crypto SmartPhone.

Most Expensive Mobile Phones
Diamond Crypto Smartphone luxury most expensive mobile phones the phone made through White Gold and precious Diamonds.
The Diamond Crypto 9th position in top 10 Most expensive mobile phones in 2017 The phone price is the US $ 1.3 Million And Euro price is 11,97,329.
  • Price in India: 834,28,150.
  • PKR Price: 136,207,500.
  • United Arab Emirates Dirham: 47,74,899.
The Diamond Crypto Smartphone is right angel shape with the 64 MB built-in memory and 2.2 inches screen display.
The Diamond crypto completely covered with 50 White precious Diamonds. In this Most expensive phones has advanced Technology it protects by kidnapping.
Color Silver
Memory 64 MB
Display 2.2 inches
Camera N/A
Software Windows CE
Anounced 2006
Price US $1.3 million

10. Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot.

Most Expensive Mobile PhonesGresso Luxor was released in 2010, This phone look like a simple phone but this smartphone ranking is 10th position in the top 10 most expensive mobile phones, it made through 22 karats pure 180 gram Gold.
The phone comes with 30 MB Built-in memory with 2 megapixels primary camera and 120 Gram Weight.
Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot Price is 1 Million US Doller. And Euro price is € 92,149 for more country price are listed below.
  • Price in India: 65,07,497.
  • PKR Price: 104,82498.
  • United Arab Emirates Dirham: 36,7,299.
It’s back panel phone made through African backwoods more than 200 years old. There is no harm to buy this phone because this phone everything is good.
Stand By 300 h
Wieght 120 g
Image Size 240 x 320 Pixels
Camera 2 Megapixels
Memory 30 MB
Anounced 2010
Price US $1 million
I hope you Have got complete information about the top 10 most expensive mobile phones. In this article, I showed you the top 10 most expensive mobile phones in the world.