GT Target account is an automatic saving system by GTBank that encourages financial discipline through savings. This product is designed to enable you save towards a specific target - whether it’s a wedding, holiday, new car or higher education.  Whatever your financial goal is, the GT Target account can help you achieve it.
Once you create your GT Target account, you can proceed to set up standing instruction orders to fund the GT Target account at your desired frequency. You will be required to provide the account which will be debited for the standing instruction, the amount to be debited, the frequency (30days, 3 months etc), start date and end date.

Say you want to have N150,000 in six months, you can place a standing order to have N25,000 automatically transferred from your GTB savings account into your GTTarget account at a certain time every month for 6 months.

What are you saving up for? Your next car? Your favourite smartphone? Just place a standing order to GTBank to make regular, fixed payments from your savings or current bank account to the GT Target account. Whenever you are set to withdraw the GT Target savings for the purpose you saved for, you can transfer it to your Savings account and withdraw the money at the bank or at the ATM.

Features of GT Target Savings Account

  • Zero account opening balance
  • Non-transactional account
  • Mandatory standing order of N5, 000 (minimum) 
  • Standing order frequency can be monthly, quarterly, semi-annually
  • Minimum savings period of six months
  • Maximum of 3 sub accounts can be opened for different financial goals and targets
  • Can be opened on GTBank internet banking platform or by walking into any GTBank branch

How To Open GT Target Account Via GTBank Internet Banking

==> Sign in to the GTB Internet Banking Platform
==> Click on "Self Service" on the side menu
==> Click on "GT Target Account" and follow the instruction.
==> GT Target Account number will be generated for you.
==> Thereafter, proceed to place your standing order instruction.

That's all.

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