One Game Cut Your Ticket? Don’t Worry, Nairabet Will Still Pay You!

You are going to love this.

For those of us that are not new to sports betting, it is usually a painful experience when one team spoils your bet. Has it ever happened to you? After placing a bet of maybe 20 games, one yeye team now cuts your ticket.E dey pain person.

You don’t need to worry about that anymore because with NairaBET’s new feature, you can
Get Paid Even When A Game Spoils Your Bet
This has never happened in the history of sports betting in Africa. NairaBET is the first company ever to do this in this part of the world. We are ready to pay you some of your winnings even when one team spoils your bet. (Click here to open a NairaBet account if you don’t have one)
No More One Game Spoil Your Ticket.
The highest any bookie in Africa has ever done is return your stake when one game spoils your ticket. This is different. We are talking about paying you out of your expected winnings.
Question: How Does It Work?
The aim is to reward punters who were unlucky because one game spoilt their ticket. Imagine playing a bet of 15 games with N100 and you wanted to win N200,000 and one game spoils your ticket. It is usually very painful. Other bookies will just keep your money.
At NairaBET, we will pay you a part of that N200,000.00. Some other bookies will give you your stake of that N100 back. We think that is not good enough. We want to give you more.
Question: What Are The Rules?
  1. Only accumulators of 10 games and above qualify for this reward.
  2. Also, each bet on the ticket must have a minimum odds of 1.2. If there is any game less than odds of 1.2 on the ticket, the ticket will not be eligible for reward. Adding any game of less than 1.2 on the ticket disqualifies it even if there are other 10 games with minimum of 1.2.

Question: How Much Will I Be Compensated With When One Game Spoils My Ticket
Ten percent (10%) of your expected winnings minus the bonuses, minus the game that spoils it. When a game spoils your qualified accumulator bet, we will remove the accumulator bonus. You know the bonus is a bonus for winning tickets so we take it out.
The next thing is we take out the odds of the game that spoilt the ticket. We will treat it like the game was canceled and taken out of your bet. We will then pay you 10% of the balance to a maximum of N100,000
Here is an example: Imagine you placed a 10 game accumulator with N100 and your expected returns was N250,000 and your accumulator bonus was N50,000 making N300,000
A game of 1.5 now spoils your bet, this is how we will calculate it.
You were expecting N300,000 in total. We will take out the bonus of N50,000 which gives us N250,000.
Next we will take out the 1.5 game that spoilt the ticket. N250,000 divided by 1.5 is N166,000. We will credit you with 10% of that into your account. That is a compensation credit of N16,000.
You placed an accumulator with N100 but lost it because a game spoilt it but we pay you N16,000.
N16,000 payment for a bet you lost.
Question: Is It Available On All Sports?
Yes. This offer is available on all sports and all market types. But you can’t play it in shops. You can only use it when you bet online for now either from your phone or through a computer.

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