Living in Nigeria is not for the faint-hearted. You have to be tough and ready to take on as many challenges as possible.
If you decide to sit at home, the epileptic power supply will drive crazy, not to mention the appalling heat wave. You decide to leave your house, people and things will frustrate you.

Things are getting worse every day and all we can do is complain and hope things get better soon.
While we continue to struggle and wait for a brighter day, here are 7 tips that will help you to survive in Nigeria.
1. Be a jack of all trade
Nigerians are jack of all trade. They have learnt to do every and anything for themselves. This is something that happens quite a lot especially in the entertainment sector. If you keep waiting for the government, you will not get anywhere. You can combine as many talents as possible. Just do not sit down waiting for a manna from heaven. You have to hustle.
2. Power banks
Power supply is nothing to write home about. For over 30 years, all we have heard is the government is working on it, from NEPA to PHCN to DISCO, yet no improvement. To survive, you will need backup like power bank for your mobile devices. You just have to find a way to help yourself because it does not look like power supply will get better anytime soon.
3. Withstanding the heat
The heat can be unbearable so it is advisable you help yourself by getting rechargeable fans. At least, it will keep the house cool.
4. The broke days
There is always a party happening somewhere closes. So, on days when you are so broke and cannot afford a meal, look around your neighbourhood for where it is happening. Just dress up well and walk in like one of the invited guest. No one would even notice you are an uninvited guest.
5. Minimise foreign purchases
When you see the exchange rate, you won’t need anyone to tell you to reduce shopping online from foreign stores. The exchange rate is not smiling and it is better for you to patronize locally made goods to save yourself some money.
6. Electricity cuts
You can help yourself by getting one of those small generators called “I pass my neighbor”. It uses less fuel. Once power is restored, iron as many clothes as possible or better still, get one of those coal irons.
7. Keep hope alive
For your own good, stop focusing on the challenges and begin to look at the opportunities that exist. There are a lot of opportunities available for the willing and dedicated. You just have to seek and you will find. We must learn to smile above it all and hope that tomorrow will be better.