How To Become Nairabet Agent. are you looking for ways to be a nairabet agent , if yes, then read further as i am going to walk you through the process to become nairabet agent.many people have been contacting me with assisting them with details to become an agent with nairabet and start making money.if you are among those contacting me or you are planning to be one, then this post will give you details you need to know and the requirement needed to be an agent with nairabet.

The process is not stressful provided you have the necessary requirement they need.most of the requirements includes a shop, computer, thermal printer and licence you have all this available, if yes, then you stand a chance of starting business with them as you don't have to stress yourself.they will need all this in place before they would give you permission to act as an agent in your let me list the requirements properly.

How To Become A Nairabet Agent.

 Here Is The Requirement To Become Nairabet Agent.

1. Betting Shop.

You will need a betting shop for this business.this is where people ( punters ) will come to stake their bets.the shop is your point of sale with customers as they will come to you to stake bet.then you will print their betting slip using the nairabet app and thermal printer.

2. License Fees.

Nairabet agent license fee is will have to pay the license fee before they will give you the go ahead as an at the time of writing this post, nairabet license fee is #60000.i don't know if it has been increased or reduced so you may have to contact them to get more details.

3. Computer/Laptop Pc.

You will need a computer or laptop PC to enable you work with their software.nairabet has a betting software which is been given to their licensed agent and the software is available for you will need a computer system to run it because that is what you will use to stake bets for the customers.

4. Thermal Printer.

This is the printer that is needed to print nairabet betting can't use those normal computer printer which prints A4 papers.thermal printer is a small printer that prints small paper slip.the paper looks like that from an ATM Machine that prints receipt after you make withdrawal.but this one is bigger than ATM machine papers.

So you will have to purchase one to make use of.although, you may be lucky to get one from nairabet as they may give you for free or for a more subsidized rate.

Those are the main requirements to get started as a nairabet agent.the other part will come from your end, like marketing strategy, location, generator take your time and consider your budget before making moves to be an agent with nairabet.

Also, note that if there is any nairabet shop close to you, they may not grant you will have to go distance away from the shop close to you, maybe the next street or area.

As for agent commission, nairabet pays 50% of total profit made from the bets customers you will get 50% commission on winnings made from customers,this means after deducting the total bets customers won.the remaining balance will be the profit you will earn 50% commissions from.

Also try and contact nairabet customer service to get more details on latest update concerning their agent requirements.